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African Savanna Termites

We conducted a review of the literature a meta analysis and qualitative systems analysis to identify mechanisms to explain the observed patterns. In african savannas macrotermes mounds form islands with high tree densities.

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However the intensity and variation of seed removal rates in african savannas has seldom been studied.

African savanna termites. Termites were systematically collected when they were most active that is during the beginning of the rainy season near the oti keran national park in northern togo west africa. 25 2010 5 01 pm. The termites provide the trees with moisture and they aerated soil they need and the roots of the trees provide shelter for the colony.

We experimentally investigated whether termites and large herbivores. This is usually attributed to the fact that due to the digging of termites and due to their decomposition of plant material the mound soils are. Other life on termite mounds.

They maintain a symbiotic relationship with termite colonies. Termites rule africa s savanna satellite data show lions elephants and giraffes may be relatively minor players when it comes to shaping the african savanna ecosystem. The great animals of the african savanna may owe a debt of gratitude to the humble termite.

To 1 assess the strength of evidence for the role of termites in vegetation heterogeneity in african savannas and 2 identify the mechanisms by which termites induce such heterogeneity. By adam mann may. New research reveals that.

In the african savanna termites and large herbivores influence vegetation in various ways likely including indirect effects on seed predators and secondary dispersers. We ve covered some of their roles here before when we talked about termite mounds and when we covered nutrients and nitrogen in the savanna biome the numbers of termites in savanna habitats can be quite extraordinary. Termites are hugely important to the ecology of the savanna biome.

Large termite mound in the african savanna. The jackal berry tree is most often found growing alongside the termite mounds that dot the savanna. This study describes the termite fauna of the south african savanna ecosystem project study area at nylsvley reserve naboomspruit northern transvaal.

This region is a typical west african savanna lying in the center of the west. 0 280to 0 510e figure1. 10 170to 10 080n.

Twenty species of fifteen genera and two families are recorded and biological notes are given. With over 400 m 2 of soil their biomass can exceed that of mammals in the ecosystem. The real king of the savanna appears to be the termite say researchers.

While the insects inhabit all of the earth s continents except antarctica termites are found in huge numbers in the savanna where weather conditions are ideal for the establishment of. Termites are some of the most populous animals on earth and usually exceed mammals in biomass in most ecosystems. Termites help build savanna societies.

Vegetation on termite mounds usually differs highly from vegetation in the surrounding. The faunal composition is broadly similar to that of west african savannas but a little impoverished.

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