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Korat cats from thailand. Since ancient egyptian times cats have been holding a special spot in the heart of humans far and wide.

Egyptian Mau Ancient Cat Breeds Egyptian Mau Cat Breeds Cats

The egyptian mau isn t the only cat breed which traces its origins to ancient civilizations.

Ancient egyptian cat breeds. The exotic looking egyptian mau has a royal appearance and also has the distinction of being the oldest cat breeds and the only cat breed that is spotted. Egyptian maus are considered one of the progenitor breeds of the modern domestic cat. Egyptian mau ancient cat breeds.

Egyptian cat breeds in the ancient egyptian civilization the ancient egyptian civilization revered cats to the point that one of their goddesses bastet or bast was represented in the form of this feline and considered the divinity of the home and protector of the family. Several ancient egyptian deities were depicted and sculptured with cat like heads such as mafdet bastet and sekhmet representing justice fertility and power. There is a long list of domestic cat breeds that exist today but in ancient times things were a little different.

It is debated if egyptian maus are actually the oldest domesticated breed of cat but it is one of the few naturally spotted breeds of cat. Continue reading to know more about ancient cat breeds in other parts of the world such as asia and europe. Other ancient cat breeds.

In ancient egypt cats were known as the mau and played an important part in society. A cult of this type is not surprising since several breeds of cats have their origin in those distant lands. We love them for many reasons and although there are over 70 recognized breeds of cats to date there are a select few that hold the title of the oldest cat breeds to date.

Ancient paintings pictures and sculptures have depicted the spotted cats that date back to the egyptian era when cats were regarded as sacred. Of course the modern abyssinian is much different than its ancestors. The deity mut was also depicted as a cat and in the company of a cat.

Out of all the ancient cat breeds out there this one seems to have a lot of speculation about its ancestry. Cats in ancient egypt were represented in social and religious practices of ancient egypt for more than 3 000 years. Some say that the abyssinian is a cat breed from ancient egyptian times because it looks similar to artifacts from that time period.

Similar looking spotted cats are depicted in ancient egyptian paintings and described in hieroglyphs suggesting that the origins of the mau go way back to when cats were first domesticated. Perhaps the most ancient cat breed of them all it is believed that egyptian mau ancestors have been found mummified alongside pharaohs in their tombs. The breed conformation is described as a balance between the compactness of a burmese and the slim elegance of a siamese its medium length body is muscular with the hind legs longer than the front giving the mau the appearance of standing on tiptoes when upright.

The egyptian mau is the most popular of all egyptian cat breeds they are the only domestic cat that has naturally occurring spots giving them an exotic appearance. Cats were praised for killing venomous snakes. Check out our fun list of 9 of oldest cat breeds still around today.

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