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Cat Breeds And Color Patterns

The calico patterned cat is a cat with the coat color combination of black red and white. So what color is your cat.

Cat Fur Patterns By Nixhil Cat Fur Cat Breeds Chart Rare Cats

Diluted calico cats have coats that are a mixture of blue cream and white.

Cat breeds and color patterns. There are two more self colors called russet occurs in burmese and amber found in norwegian forest cat. Despite the variety of colors and patterns cats come in three basic colors. Your basic cat color.

Many mixed breed cats display these distinctive points which may be found in various colors. There are however colors and or patterns that may occur more often on certain breeds than in others. Breed registries disallow pointed patterns in most other breeds.

Many other breeds of pointed cats are now accepted by cat registries including ragdoll ragamuffin birman exotic balinese and javanese. The combinations are many or in the case of the common domestic shorthair or longhair cat endless and the variations that can exist in one breed can be dizzying for the uninitiated. According to breed standards a breed is recognized and registered in a variety of colors but certain cat breed like the russian blue is given recognition only in one color that is grayish blue.

Many cat owners have pointed cats. The most common pattern in cats is the tabby while the most popular solid colors are gray black white and red. The world of cat breed coat colours and patterns can be confusing.

The most common breeds for the pointed cat pattern tend to be persians himalayans siamese scottish folds and exotics. If you want to learn more about the different cat colors and cat coat patterns please read on. In these breeds two color changing genes cause the black pigments to become lighter and turn reddish.

Red black and white. The following are some of the commonly known colors breed and patterns that we hear frequently. However there is a simple way to understand cat coats and it all starts with just four colours.

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