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Cat Breeds And Markings

Many other breeds of pointed cats are now accepted by cat registries including ragdoll ragamuffin birman exotic balinese and javanese. Solid brown cats are very rare and usually only seen in specific breeds.

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Tabby kitten with forehead blaze.

Cat breeds and markings. The original pointed cat was the siamese and many years later the himalayan was developed by crossing siamese with persian cats. There are however colors and or patterns that may occur more often on certain breeds than in others. Pure white cats exist but the most common way to see white on a cat is in a bicolor pattern patches of white with another color.

Cats also come in an ample variety of coat patterns and variations. Tabby is a common coat pattern among domestic cats which features an agouti pattern of alternating dark and pale bands of colour along the hair shaft with contrasting darker spots stripes or sworls and a prominent m on the forehead. Cat breed characteristics behavior and traits.

Determining what your mixed breed cat is also relies heavily on expressed behaviors. Interestingly the color of your cat is not determined by her breed. The following terms are used to describe individual markings that may be present in addition to the overall colour and pattern of a cat s coat.

The tabby cat is not a breed but a coat colour which can be found in both mixed breed and purebred cat populations. Brown is more commonly seen along with tabby stripes. Siamese are known for being extremely vocal and active.

For more cat breed articles visit the main cat breeds page. Calico is distinct patches of solid orange black and white or a diluted. From anything from shy water loving vocal dog loving to sassy energetic aggressive you can find out a lot based on noteworthy behaviors.

Breed registries disallow pointed patterns in most other breeds. In addition to a basic color cats can have stripes whirls whorls points and other markings.

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