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They re a natural breed and little is known of their origins. There are a number of legends about its origin including the folk tale saying that it was developed by crossing wild domestic cats and raccoon.

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It s thought the breed came about when early seafarers took longhaired cats with them to america.

Cat breeds maine coon. The maine coon is the largest domesticated cat breed. The maine coon cat is considered the only longhair breed native to the united states. Physical characteristics this is a large cat weighing anywhere between 12 to 18 pounds though the females of the breed are smaller.

A maine coon isn t considered fully grown until they reach three to four years of age. Size of the main coon cat. The maine coon cat is a long haired breed that is native to maine where it has been held in high regard for its mousing talents for centuries.

These adept mousers love hunting down prey and therefore enjoy playing with their owners in order to keep up this skill. The maine coon as the name implies hails from maine where the breed was known as a popular mouser farm cat and ship s cat as far back as the early 19 th century. Maine coons can be quite the gentle giant for a breed of cat.

The maine coon is an old breed that s native to the united states. As one of the oldest natural breeds in north america maine coons are majestic cats that have a delightfully playful side. Regardless of where the breed came from the maine coon was one of the first breeds to be recognized by the late nineteenth century cat fancy and became an early favorite.

It has a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in north america specifically native to the us state of maine where it is the official state cat. However in the early 1900s as new and more exotic breeds were brought into the country maine coons were abandoned for persians angoras and others.

The cats they carried on their ships most likely left the ship either permanently or just for a little shore leave bred with the existing native cats and ultimately created a breed of. Gentle giants of the cat world maine coon cats are one of the oldest natural breeds of north america and are considered to originate from the state of maine. This breed probably was introduced by seamen who sailed into new england.

Males of course tip the scales at the higher end. Weighing anywhere from nine to eighteen pounds on average they can be even larger in some instances. Some say the vikings brought them to north america centuries before columbus sailed the ocean blue.

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