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Cat Breeds Russian Blue Pictures

The russian blue is robust marked by strong sinews a velvety fur and fine outlines. The russian blue has vivid green eyes and a mauve or lavender pink nose leather and paw pads.

Blue Russian Cats Kediler Ve Yavrulari Mavi Kediler Guzel Kediler

This breed is closely related to 3 other cat breeds namely the british blue or the british shorthair the french chartreux and thailand korat because they share the same hue and have short hair but the similarity ends there each of the aforementioned blue breeds have their own fun.

Cat breeds russian blue pictures. The cat fanciers association breed standard for the russian blue calls for him to have a head that is a smooth medium size wedge shape with a blunt muzzle. They were short haired solid blue cats with thick dense glossy coats. The cat staged its first public appearance in 1871 when a russian blue was displayed at the crystal palace in london under the name archangel cat.

The broad wedge of the head and its flat skull are often described as cobra like although that is much too dangerous a description for this sweet natured cat. In those days the russian blue looked quite different than what we are familiar with today. Russian blue cat supposedly originating from the port arkhangelsk on the white sea where they were taken by sailors in the sixties of the19th century to western europe.

The russian blue has a distinctive plush double coat which is silky soft like the fur of a seal. Blue fur was the original color of the breed and some say the only real russian although recently developed black and white variants. This graceful elegant cat is a bright even blue colour with silver tipped guard hairs giving it a silver sheen.

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