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By characteristics they are small like their parents and often get the face of the chihuahua. These dogs are energetic loving little furry companions that are an absolute perfect fit for small dwellings due to their tiny size.

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Just what it says on the tin the chihuahua terrier mix can be a particularly diverse dog.

Chihuahua rat terrier mix tan. Rat terriers as you may have guessed are bred for the purpose of hunting and killing rats. Chihuahua terrier mix breed overview. A rat terrier border collie mix is a dog that results from a border collie breeding with a rat terrier.

Rat chas usually have a. Owners who wish to understand the histories and potential traits of their rat terrier chihuahua mix can review those of both parents for insight. Starring chihuahua rat terrier mix.

Rat terrier chihuahua mix temperament. The rat cha is a cross between two other famous breeds rat terrier and chihuahua these are playful and kittenish dogs that demand very little care. They can live as long as 18 years.

The chihuahua rat terrier mixed dogs almost require little to no grooming and are really easy to care for. The breeding program included several other well established breeds such as the manchester terrier bull terrier old english white. A favorite american working class breed and a lapdog of the rich and famous.

Rat terrier chihuahua mix brown and white. It s a better combo than you think. Because this cross is unusual it doesn t have a breed name of its own but may be called a border collie terrier.

This sassy pooch is a result of cross breeding a chihuahua with one of the many terriers. Claimed to be the best designer hybrid breed rat cha was first launched in the 1990s. The average height of chihuahua rat terrier mix is 12 25 pounds and height ranges 12 18 inches.

Rat terrier chihuahua mix description and picture of rat terrier chihuahua mix. Rat terrier chihuahua mix rat cha chihuahua rat terrier mix. All they need is love and affection from their family.

The chihuahua rat terrier mix is a rat terrier and chihuahua mix. The american rat terrier is an american breed long in the making. As you probably know there are several terrier breeds registered with the american kennel club.

When caring for chihuahua terrier mixes you should help them be as healthy as possible so they can grow as old as 13 to 18 years of age. If you are looking for a designer dog breed with cuteness and playful confidence then it would be difficult to find a better crossbreed than a chihuahua rat terrier mix or rat chas or ratchis. Typically they possess short coat but long coat can also be seen due to chihuahua.

They have large and erect ears like their parent breeds. All they need is love and affection from their family. Chihuahua terrier mixes can range in various colors like black black and tan black and white brown grey white and brown black and brown blonde and so much.

Rat chas usually have a short coat but some individuals might inherit the long hair from the. Claimed to be the best designer hybrid breed rat cha was first launched in the 1990s. You can see black brown tan golden white and cream.

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