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Fluffy White Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

Some cat breeds with blue eyes especially pointed breeds have a recessive albinism gene which means that they ll always have bright blue eyes. One of the most well known blue eyed cat breeds the siamese is an ancient breed of cat which originated in thailand.

White Persian Cat With Beautiful Blue Eyes Persian Cat White Cat With Blue Eyes Persian Kittens

You can read our detailed information guide about cats for potential new cat owners.

Fluffy white cat breeds with blue eyes. Let s begin with our list of white cat with blue eyes breed. They are incredibly sweet tempered sociable and enjoy being held which makes them an excellent choice for homes with children and or other pets. While some like the persian require a lot of grooming and care others only really need a weekly brush to prevent matting and to remove loose hair.

Getting a new cat or kitten is a massive commitment so make sure you have researched the breed fully and have the time and commitment necessary to care for the cat. These fluffy felines have pointed coats and one very special feature white paws. Also read our turkish angora cat breed information profile.

One that limits expression of color to specific body areas the other that relates to the dominant white gene that masks. Whereas other breeds have an extra gene which also blocks the coat colour so these cats will not only have blue eyes but they ll also be white in colour. Pointed coloration is a form of partial albinism an adaptation to protect the cat from frostbite says jacqui bennett a longtime all breed judge who.

In fact blue eyes in a cat come from two sets of genes one that limits expression of color to specific body areas the other that relates to the dominant white gene that masks color. Confirm that the advertiser is genuine. In fact blue eyes in a cat come from two sets of genes.

Feline eyes which are pretty much always mesmerizing seem to take on an extra special glint when their hue is blue. Some breeds of white cats stand out for the coloration of their eyes. As well as grooming level choose your fluffy feline friend according to their friendliness social requirements and energy.

The blue eyed birman is without a doubt one of the most adorable cat breeds. The selkirk rex is a cat breed from the united states 1988. Fluffy cat breeds do not necessarily have long hair.

This cat is characterized by its curly hair which is the product of a genetic mutation. Cat breeds with blue eyes. The first two siamese cats arrived in england from bangkok in 1884 by acting vice consul at bangkok mr gould who gave them to his sister mrs lilian veley as a present.

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