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Lynx Wild Cat Breeds

If we focus on the wildcat in general its ancestor the martelli s cat felis lunensis. There are several wild cat breeds and species of wild cats kept as pets but they are not domestic animals.

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Like all lynxes the eurasian lynx has tufted ears long powerful legs and a short bobbed tail.

Lynx wild cat breeds. The desert lynx is recognized by the international progressive cat breeders alliance ipcba for official registration. It is the largest lynx species weighing between 18 and 30 kg 40 and 66 lb. In a bid to breed a cat that combined the dashing wildcat look of the bobcat with tamer more domestic sensibilities a number of other feline breeds were mixed to create the desert lynx.

The north american wildcat species lynx rufus can be found from southern canada to southern mexico. The eurasian lynx is a medium sized wild cat. This means that unlike the domestic house cat felis catus which has had over 9000 years of close contact with humans and has been selectively bred over centuries for adaption to such a lifestyle wild cat breeds have lived only a few generations with people.

Plural lynx or lynxes is any of the four species canada lynx iberian lynx eurasian lynx bobcat within the medium sized wild cat genus lynx the name lynx originated in middle english via latin from the greek word λύγξ derived from the indo european root leuk light brightness in reference to the luminescence of its reflective eyes. A lynx l ɪ ŋ k s. Although we know there are many different breeds of domestic cat we are often not as familiar with wild cat breeds.

Its south american relative the leopardus geoffroyi can be found in south america along with the leopardus colocolo otherwise known as the pampas cat. It has a red brown spotted coat with paler undersides. Some may be aware of the differences between a bengal and siberian tiger but knowing the different types of lynx might not be as common knowledge as with all big cats lynxes are part of the felidae family a group of carnivorous animals which also includes domestic cats.

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