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Mammals Live Birth

Most modern mammals are viviparous giving birth to live young. Thus it is not a.

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However the five species of monotreme the platypus and the four species of echidna lay eggs.

Mammals live birth. All mammals give birth to live young with the exception of the monotremes which includes the duck billed platypus and the 7 species of spiny anteater or echidna. For instance marsupial mammals give birth to their babies at a relatively early stage of development. These are the only mammals that lay soft shelled eggs which hatch after a short incubation period.

Mammals are warm blooded vertebrates with bodies that are covered in hair. Except for the monotremes an egg laying order of mammals comprising echidnas and the duck billed platypus all mammals are viviparous they bear live young. The monotremes have a sex determination system different from that of most other mammals.

Live birth also occurs in some non mammalian species such as guppies and hammerhead sharks. However the stage of development of their offspring varies from each group of mammals to another. A majority of these mammals give birth to young ones.

Mammals are divided into three groups differentiated by their breeding habits. Most mammals give birth to live young but a few the monotremes lay eggs. In the placental mammals which have a placenta to facilitate nutrient and waste exchange between the mother and the developing fetus the young are carried within the mother s womb reaching a relatively advanced stage of.

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