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Scottish Fold Cute Cat Breeds

Physical appearance of scottish fold cat breed. The scottish fold is a domestic breed with folded ears that gives it a striking appearance just as an owl.

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Scottish fold is the result of a natural mutation and the most distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other cats is that it has curled ears.

Scottish fold cute cat breeds. The main characteristic of the breed is the forward folding ears. Back in scotland a farm kitty names susie gave birth to a litter of kittens. Scottish folds are a healthy breed and the folded ears do not make them more susceptible to mites or ear infections.

All bona fide scottish fold cats trace their pedigree to susie. With its ear structure that adds a very cute appearance its round head makes it look attractive from every angle. In america the outcross is the american and british shorthair.

The existence of scottish folds as a breed can be traced back to one moment in time. These cute looking cats possess a pleasant and. It was actually discovered by a scottish shepherd.

The rules of breeding scottish fold cats to avoid health problems. The scottish fold originated in the united kingdom during the 60s. Scottish fold cats are also a good choice for apartment dwellers because they don t get too large.

The breed has been established by crosses to british shorthair and domestic cats in scotland and england. Male scottish folds weigh approximately 12 pounds while females generally range between 8 and 12 pounds. Out of these little fellows a few came out with the trademark folded ears.

The scottish fold is a low maintenance cat in terms of behavior needing only proper food and plenty of love. Combined with huge round eyes the overall impression is more of an owl or a teddy bear than a cat. The scottish fold cat occurred as a spontaneous mutation in farm cats in scotland.

Now while the scottish fold was accepted as a new breed in the mid 1960 s by great britain s governing council of the cat fancy gccf we were controversially banned just after a few years due to speculations that our specimens were extremely prone to health issues like weak spines and deafness. The scottish fold s defining characteristic is its forward flopping ears that give the breed its name giving it the appearance of an owl or just a particularly downtrodden kitten.

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