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Baobab African Savanna Trees

The bark of the baobab tree is used for cloth and rope while the leaves can create. The baobab is a typical sight in african savannah environments and is a traditional food plant as the fruits are edible.

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Well here we provide some interesting facts about your favourite african tree.

Baobab african savanna trees. It s a source of many legends among the tribes of the area and is also a rich source of traditional medicine. The baobab s bark leaves fruit and trunk are useful to both animals and people. Locations 41 baobab trees adansonia digitata in 8 different countries are registered here.

The baobab s biggest enemies are drought waterlogging lightning elephants and black fungus. Although the baobab s genus is small the tree itself is quite the opposite. Scott 87 is a 6 pence aqua and olive stamp portraying a baobab tree issued by southern rhodesia on august 31 1953 as part of a set of 14 queen elizabeth ii definitive stamps scott 81 94.

Carbon 14 dating places the age of a specimen in namibia at about 1 275 years. The baobab tree is found in the savannas of africa and india mostly around the equator. Photo taken at tarangire national park tanzania on june 29 2008.

A symbol of life on the african plains the giant baobab belongs to the genus adansonia a group of trees consisting of nine different species only two species adansonia digitata and adansonia kilima are native to the african mainland while six of their relatives are found in madagascar and one in australia. The long lived pachycauls are typically found in dry hot savannahs of sub saharan africa where they dominate the landscape and reveal the presence of a watercourse from afar. The african baobab a.

There are nine species of the baobab tree genus adansonia six from madagascar two from africa and one from australia. The baobab tree is the iconic tree of the african sahara. Adansonia digitata the african baobab is the most widespread tree species of the genus adansonia the baobabs and is native to the african continent.

A baobab tree adansonia digitata in the sahel sub saharan savanna. The potentially massive trees usually grow as solitary individuals with some large ones living to well over a thousand years of age. It is readily recognized by its enormous trunk and by comparison scrawny stems and twigs.

Digitata boasts the oldest known angiosperm tree. It can grow up to 25 meters tall and can live for several tho usand years. In a land where rainfall is limited and it is rare to.

Their growth rate is determined by ground water or rainfall and. Known as the tree of life the species is found throughout the drier regions of africa and features a water storing trunk that may reach a diameter of 9 metres 30 feet and a height of 18 metres 59 feet.

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