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Felis tigrinus a nowadays dropped breed that was popular in 60 s in netherlands. Abyssinian bobtail either a local abyssinian shorttail or a cross between abyssinian and japanese bobtail abyssinian curl abyssinian rex a result of an accidental cross between abyssininan and german rex.

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One of the unusual breeds exhibited at the crystal palace cat show in 1871 was an abyssinian captured in the late abyssinian war who took third place.

Cat breeds abyssinian photos. The name of abyssinian cats was derived from the ancient times as the abyssinians used to bring them in various cat shows in england. Abyssinian is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world and one of the most popular as well. These felines possess the looks of egyptian cats in sculptures and paintings of yore.

Super cute abyssinian cat pictures. The report on the cat show published in the january 27 1872 issue of harper s weekly was the first known mention in print of the breed. And then it came into magazines about this cat show and this was the first printed mention of this breed.

Breeds relative or derived from abyssinian. This was an incident of the victorian era. Due to selective breeding abyssinians still retain most of its characteristics from its ancestor the felis lybica or otherwise known as the african wildcat.

These cats are some of the oldest recorded pedigree of cats and their records can be traced back to over 100 years ago when army officers from the british navy brought them back from what is modern day ethiopia. Some say that this cat breed origins from the valley of nile egypt as these cats have exactly the same body type as cats whose paintings and. As it is the case with many other older cat breeds the origin of the abyssinian cats is not quite clear.

Abyssinians are some of the oldest and most regal cat breeds of today. Given the name because the show cat that was shown at the 1871 crystal palace show cat show was captured in the abyssinian war.

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