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A cat that has bat s ears that are very triangular pointed and large may have a little of one of the oriental breeds in there somewhere such as the siamese or havana once more look at the big picture in terms of colour build and size when making your deductions. Some believed moggy comes from the name mongrel but it is generally accepted that the name originates from margaret or maggie a term used to describe a dishevelled old woman.

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No we haven t lost our marbles nor is moggy some strange new cat breed.

Cat breeds uk moggy. Pedigree cats and moggy cats have become incredibly diverse over the last couple of decades and it s a very exciting time to choose a unique breed that suits your family lifestyle. Today the alley cat or moggy is more and more accepted in competitions organised by large feline associations. Moggy breeders preserve the true cat.

Breeders have been able to refine pedigree cat breeds and even produce new ones with particularly interesting features like the serengeti with an incredible wild. Note that many household cats may be of mixed breeds or have an ancestor with pedigree. The domestic cat commonly known as a moggie is the most common cat living in households across the uk.

Some moggy breeders claim to breed moggies in order to preserve the true cat and counteract supposed the over zealous neutering which they believe will lead to the imminent extinction of non pedigree cats and thus leave us with genetically unhealthy inbred pure breds. So you have decided that you want to get a cat. There are more than forty breeds of domestic cats.

A moggy is definitely the kind of low maintenance cat who enjoy people. One oft used argument of such people. In origin the term moggie began life as a local dialect variant of the name maggie meaning a dishevelled old woman.

In his book cat world not related to this site desmond morris claims the following. This is a cat of no particular breed and has descended from the afican wildcat having diverged around 8 000 bc and found in almost every place where humans live. The term moggy is a loving british slang word for non pedigree cats and since this weekend was the north shore animal league s adoptathon we figured it would be appropriate to give you the top five reasons why you should adopt a moggy as your next cat.

But perhaps you don t really want an ordinary cat or kitten a moggy or non pedigree such as you can find offered for free in your local paper or at a rescue organisation or pet shop for a very small charge.

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