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For this to even work in the first place the husky female must be bred via in vitro fertilization from a chihuahua male. The chihuahua who is the national dog of mexico was likely bred down from an ancient breed by the aztecs to create a small companion dog.

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The interesting pics below is part of chihuahua and husky mix.

Chihuahua husky puppies. Yes this sounds crazy to us too. Before you even get a puppy you will want to find a very responsible breeder that is breeding this crossbred correctly. And make sure that your breeder offers a health guarantee on the dog.

Many breeders actually consider it unethical to mate the dogs of such different sizes and characteristics. Since this is a very challenging breeding process it may be rare to find a breeder for chihuahua husky mix. He is naturally bossy full of pizazz and totally adorable.

A chihuahua carrying a husky s puppies will almost certainly require veterinary intervention and risky procedures to give birth. His ancestors were created to work in the freezing climates of siberia hauling loads for the chukchi people. Although there is more than one kind of husky the siberian husky is by far the most popular.

It is very dangerous to try and breed these two purebreds together without the help of science. Origin health and care content which is classed as within husky and published at july 20th 2016 14 29 04 pm by. Out of all dogs across the u s this is the 14th most widely owned dog in the country.

We are going to do our best to dive deeper into such an incredibly strange mixed breed. Husky chihuahua mix puppies are always born to a female husky and might inherit any mix of traits from their parents. The husky chihuahua mix is one of the most unusual and surprising designer crossbreeds.

This of course isn t the most natural thing. As with all the crossbreeds it s hard to predict the temperament or appearance of this dogs but let s see what can be figured out from the. Regardless of which parent is the larger of the two breeds artificial insemination appears to be the only acceptable.

A husky chihuahua mix is an unusual dog to be honest. There re not much puppies you can find of the crossbreed between chihuahua and husky. Chihuahua husky mix puppies for sale image and description.

This mix is likely to be feisty and independent which could be too much of a challenge for a first time dog owner. The siberian husky on the other hand is a born working dog. The chihuahua husky mix is a hybrid mix breed dog created by breeding the chihuahua and the siberian husky.

If you truly want to buy one out of genuine love for the hybrid and are willing to embrace all the responsibilities entailed consult a reputable breeder. Your husky chihuahua mix. What s more there s no evidence that breeding these two under natural circumstances is safe.

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