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Chihuahua Knee Surgery Cost

The knee surgery costs can vary and may be determined by a. According to some pet insurance companies below is how much dog ccl surgery can cost.

Koda A 12 Year Old Yorkie Was Fitted With A My Pet S Knee Brace For His Acl Injury Dog Braces Dog Leg Leg Injury

The cost was estimated at 3700 4200.

Chihuahua knee surgery cost. Luxating patella is a common knee condition that can affect any dog but chihuahuas and other small breeds are particularly prone to it. On average each affected knee can cost 1 500 to 3 500. Average costs of knee surgery.

The cost of a torn ccl in dogs can vary based on your location vet breed severity of the tear and more. On average you will find the costs of a knee surgery for dogs ranging from 2 000 to 2 500. Chihuahua lake colorado fishing.

Chihuahua knee surgery cost. Factors determining the costs. If you ve noticed your chihuahua hopping while holding one of their back legs up chances are they are suffering from a knee condition known as patellar luxation this is one of the breed s most common health problems as chihuahua experts and health professionally estimate roughly 10 of the population suffers from it.

This is an all inclusive surgical package that includes pre and post operative lab work and x rays. On top of the surgery your dog will also require long term medications which can add another 20 to 50 per month. Note in most cases you would not be reimbursed the full amount.

Your email address will not be published. Dog ccl surgery cost. This price does not include physical therapy.

Required fields are marked. On my male chihuahua who has had multiple surgeries over the last few years. Grade 3 4 condition is more likely to require surgery which involves deepening the groove on the femur so the kneecap stays in place.

It does not depend on whether the dog is a yorkie or maltese. However the cheapest you are likely to find will be 600 while the more expensive end will be around 3 500 or even higher up. This cost is for the surgery only and does not include additional fees associated with the operation procedures.

My almost three year old lab had tplo surgery for one knee two weeks ago. The cost of the surgery depends on the severity of the knee and how many degenerative changes have taken place by the location by the skill of the surgeon etc. Actual cost was just under 3800.

Leave a reply cancel reply. On my female chihuahua who was stomped on by a bull this last year and a total of 7000. It can cost anything from 50 00 depending on the complexity of.

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