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Egg Laying Mammals Names

Their bodies maintained some reptilian traits such as a cloaca. They are of the order monotremata there are three species of egg laying mammals or monotremes.

Animal Kingdom Classification Poster Mammals Animals Animal Kingdom

The vast majority of mammals give birth to live young.

Egg laying mammals names. It s one of two types of primitive egg laying mammals or monotremes. Their legs are on the. This animal may have sharp spines but it isn t a porcupine.

They instead excrete milk through pores that their young lap from. Beside egg laying monotremes possess other traits that separate them from other mammals. The only mammals that lay eggs are known as monotremes.

The first thing you. The other is the duck billed platypus a living pincushion. There are only five surviving monotreme species and all can be found in either australia or new guinea.

Egg laying mammals belong to a group called monotremes. They are the platypus the short beaked echidna and the. All the members of the egg laying mammals list share some basic characteristics with one another.

Mammals that lay eggs. Egg laying mammals are known as monotremes. They do not have teats to nurse their young.

Number of species as suggested by egg laying mammal facts only five species of monotremes are extant one of which is duck billed platypus and remaining four belong to the echidna family. These are the platypus and four species of echidna or spiny anteater.

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