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Other names for this breed aretāzī balkh hound baluchi hound barakzai hound shalgar hound kabul hound galanday hound or sometimes incorrectly african hound. The afghan hound can have a wide range of hues as well and the creams and reds often but not always have black masks.

Beautiful Blonde Afghan Hound With Windswept Hair She Could Be Posing For The L Oreal Hair Care Ad I M Worth It Dog Breeds Hound Dog Breeds Hound Dog

The breed is selectively bred for its unique features in the cold mountains of afghanistan.

Afghan hound white hair. The afghan hound should be shown in its natural state. Afghan pups do not resemble the long haired adults. This breed can display single solid colored coats or bi colored coats.

The afghan hound is a hound that is distinguished by its thick fine silky coat and its tail with a ring curl at the end. The coat is not clipped or trimmed. At the withers it measures between 63 and 74 cm depending on whether it is a male or female specimen.

The afghan hound is a large and sturdy dog. It has a proportionate head with a long tapered muzzle. Its tail forms a ring at the end.

On the head there is a fairly long tuft of hair. Afghan hound these pups are known for their silky floor length locks. Its local name is tāžī spay or sag e tāzī.

Afghan hound the afghan hound is a hound that is distinguished by its thick fine silky coat the breed was selectively bred for its unique features i a pair of afghan hounds. Image of young haired closeup 112526337. The head is surmounted in the full sense of the word with a topknot of long silky hair that is.

Photo about close up of afghan hound isolated on white background. A rainbow of colors. According to the breed standard popular standard color patterns include black and silver black and tan and blue and cream.

Few breeds offer owners the array of colors and patterns that the afghan hound does. The most common coat colors are black black and tan red cream blue brindle domino or white. Solid colors range from black to white and virtually every shade in between.

Black afghan hounds blue cream red silver and white afghan hound coats are staple colors. They have the ability to run and turn well.

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