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Alaskan Malamute Siberian Husky Mix Puppy

Because these breeds are often compared to each other they ve become one of the more popular additions in the designer dog craze by creating the alaskan malamute siberian husky mix. It s possible that your dog may be a siberian husky alaskan malamute mix or a mix of some different breeds.

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The blue eyes white coat and non curled tail suggest that your dog is a siberian husky though siberians are typically not that large.

Alaskan malamute siberian husky mix puppy. As the miners flooded to alaska huskies were initially used as sled dogs before taking on other various jobs. This hybrid breed will claim characteristics from the parents and as in the case of all designer breeds it is hard to predict how much of each parent the dog will get. This wolfdog instagram star is a mix of an arctic wolf siberian husky and alaskan malamute.

It has a stunning appearance which results from the combination of both its parents personality and physical traits. The husky malamutes have a strong sense of pack instinct and peacefulness. Siberian husky x alaskan malamute alusky.

A full grown siberian husky alaskan malamute mix can reach a height of 20 to 28 inches 51 to 71 cm and a weight of 45 to 75 pounds 20 to 34 kg. Medium to giant sized dogs like these shouldn t be placed in a crowded place like an apartment. The size more closely resembles that of an alaskan malamute.

It is a designer dog of large breed dogs having its origin in the usa. The siberian husky originated from the cold and forbidding environments of siberia. Some can be as heavy as 100 pounds 45 kg.

Learn the similarities and differences between breeds. However these dogs weren t introduced into north america until the nome gold rush of 1909. This crossbreed sometimes called as alusky or alaskan husky prefers a cool environment.

Take loki as an example. The alaskan malamute and the siberian husky are similar dogs in many ways but there are also a few differences between them. Their origins can be traced as far back as thousands of years in northeastern siberia.

Because of their wedge shaped upright ears deep and broad muzzle almond shaped eyes dark nose heavily furred tail the alusky dogs have an appearance similar to a wolf. The siberian husky and alaskan malamute are two arctic working breeds often confused for one another. The malamute husky mix is the combination of the large dog breeds alaskan malamute and siberian husky.

Alusky is a cross between two purebred arctic dog breeds the siberian husky and the alaskan malamute. The alusky is the mix between a siberian husky and an alaskan malamute. Arctic wolf alaskan malamute mix.

Also known as wolfdogs the malamute arctic wolf mix has a similar temperament as the wolamute and some are a cross of more than two breeds. A cross between the purebreds siberian husky and alaskan malamute the alusky is a breed of large dogs known for their strength stamina and loving nature. The alusky is the malamute and husky mixed pooch who is an adorably fluffy pup with.

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