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Pomchi Puppies Long Haired Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix

You will need to take your pomchi to the groomer every 2 months for trimming. Although their low frequency of shedding increases the rate of grooming it is ideal for vacuuming.

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For instance it s not know precisely when the first pomchi was intentionally bred.

Pomchi puppies long haired chihuahua pomeranian mix. As mentioned above the chihuahua comes in two varieties. Despite the differences in coats both have the breed s trademark pointy ears and saucer eyes. The pomeranian and chihuahua mix is just that.

They shed heavily two times in a year so that new hair can grow. Being a cross breed the pomchi is not recognized as real breed of dog. He is a small or toy dog with a life span of 13 to 18 years.

He is quite the stubborn little thing but is also sweet and affectionate and makes the perfect lapdog. He is also known as the chi pom chiranian and the pomahuahua. This mix is in stark contrast in size to another popular pom mix.

Pomchi puppies for sale. It happens during fall and spring. This helps to keep your pomeranian chihuahua mix puppy s coat healthy.

Because they are not formally acknowledged as a pure breed their history isn t documented all that well. The pomchi is a mixed breed the result of crossing a pomeranian with a chihuahua. Pomeranians have a very dense double coat whereas chihuahuas tend to have a single coat but it can either be short or long haired.

With the pomeranian chihuahua mix your pup will likely be between 4 7 pounds. The siberian husky pom mix often referred to as the pomsky. The more popular smooth coat shorthaired and the long coat longhaired.

Finding the right pomchi puppy can be dog gone hard work. Puppyfind provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect pomchi puppy or pomchi puppies from the comfort of your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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