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Afghan Hound Mastiff Mix

But afghan hound requires high maintenance. Selection of afghan hound mix breed puppies needing good homes and surrounding areas to find your next furry puppy.

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Find afghan hound mix breed dogs or puppies for sale in south africa.

Afghan hound mastiff mix. Giant maso mastiff may weigh 56 kg 124 pounds more than afghan hound. Mixed may grow 36 cm 15 inches higher than afghan hound. Search afghan hound mix breed dogs puppies in mzan.

Mixed may live 6 years more than afghan hound. Both giant maso mastiff and afghan hound has almost same life span. Mixed may weigh 78 kg 172 pounds more than afghan hound.

American masti bull american bulldog x mastiff mix american neo bull american bulldog x neapolitan mastiff mix american pit corso. The afghan hound is a long hair ancient breed that is distinguished by its thick fine silky coat and its tail with a ring curl at the end. The afghan hound also known as the afghan greyhound or simply the afghan is today usually referred to by breeders and fanciers as the affie.

Your afghan can literally go from zero to 40 achieving maximum running speeds of 40 mph. Mixed is originated from united states but afghan hound is originated from afghanistan. It is a working dog following the nomads protecting caravans and flocks of sheep goats camels and other livestock from wolves big cats and thieves.

It is only in the early twentieth century that an army office from kabul sent some of the dogs of this breed back in england this being the birth of the first afghan hound western breeder. Mixed requires moderate maintenance. Giant maso mastiff may have more litter size than afghan hound.

Giant maso mastiff requires low maintenance. To see an afghan hound running at full tilt is an impressive sight. Mixed may have more litter size than afghan hound.

The kuchi or afghan pashtun call them ghiljak or kucchi shepherd is an afghan livestock guardian dog taking its name from the kuchi people of afghanistan. This breed of dogs has been identified by the western world in the mountains in the afghanistan region. Afghan hound dog racing sports can give your active hound a great regular outlet for all that pent up speed.

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Afghan Hound Afghan Hound Dog

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