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Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix

Pomeranian is a widely popular dog. However you should on the watch out for certain conditions.

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Sable and brown are the most common colors for Pomchis but they may also be blue and tan black and tan or cream.

Pomeranian chihuahua mix. Its a small dog breed at about 6 to 10 inches tall at the shoulder weighing between 4 to 12 pounds. Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix The Pomchi is a cross of a purebred Pomeranian and a purebred Chihuahua also known as the Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix. This dog is not officially recognized as a breed by purebred organizations because it is a mixed breed dog.

Were talking energetic playful and super cute designer dogs that fill the house with life. So what do you get when you mix Pomeranians and Chihuahuas. The primary health conditions that affect Pomchi parents include.

Save Big with Exclusive Rates. Save More With Priceline. The Chihuahua is also a well-loved dog breed owing to his cheeky character and small size.

Like their Chihuahua and Pomeranian ancestors they are not purebreds. The Ultimate Guide to Owning a Pomchi AKA. Being a cross breed the Pomchi is not recognized as real breed of dog.

Save Big with Exclusive Rates. Chihuahua x pomeranian registered breeder daco1156. Some of the characteristics of Pomeranian Mix with Chihuahua puppies are.

The main colors of Pomchis are sable and brown but they can also be blue and tan black and tan or cream. As the generations move on breeders may breed a full pomeranian or full chihuahua with a pomchi or they may breed two pomchis. Since Pomeranians and Chihuahuas are toy breeds the Pomchi is relatively small and weighs from 4 to 12 pounds.

The Pomchi or Pomeranian Chihuahua mix is a designer dog that brings out the best in these two breeds. You get a Pomchi as this cute PomeranianChihuahua mix is called and it resembles a purebred Pomeranian quite a lot. A Pomeranian Chihuahua mix aka Pomchi is also known as Pomahuahua Chi-Pom Chimeranian.

As in many mixed breed dogs when you combine the Pommeranian with the Chihuahua you can get a wide variety of personality traits. Other names for this dog are the Chi-Pom Chiranian and the Pomahuahua. Many American households enjoy the company of the energetic Pomeranian.

However the American Canine. The dog may show signs of limping and may develop lameness if. Because they are not formally acknowledged as a pure breed their history isnt documented all that well.

The Pomchi is a dog that is a combination of breeds. Your Pomchis personality will likely exhibit many traits of the Pomeranian and the Chihuahua but he will likely also exhibit a. This affects the dogs kneecaps.

Ad Great Deals on Chihuahua Hotels. The Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix is just that. Pomeranian Chihuahua mix is a hybrid dog and is more resilient to the diseases that affect its parents.

How big will a pomeranian chihuahua mix get. And above all theyre devoted to their humans. This small lap dog is called a Pomchi is a cross between the Pomeranian and the Chihuahua.

Pomchi coats are often a mix of their Pomeranian and Chihuahua parents coats and colors. I have a 9 week old male pom chi he weighs 1 lb 4 ounces right now i have a 2. However some might be bigger or smaller.

Chihuahua x pomeranian registered breeder daco1156890 rpba no 2578 we have 3gorgeous puppies 1 boy sold 1 girl available 1 boy available now 8 weeks old and. Ad Great Deals on Chihuahua Hotels. Resulting from a crossbreeding between a pomeranian and a chihuahua the pom chi is a hybrid dog.

City subs South Australia. The lifespan of this crossbreed is around 12 to 15 years. For instance its not know precisely when the first Pomchi was intentionally bred.

Save More With Priceline. Information About the Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix. People prefer Pomchi as the most common and easy to say nickname.

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