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Pomerian Dog Puppy Care Tips


Pomerian Dog Puppy Care Tips

Pomerian dog puppy needs proper care. Pomeranian is a friendly breed. They will be a good companion when their needs are fulfilled. But when they are not happy, Pom can be very mischievous despite their small size. To make sure you can give your puppy the best life, here are some tips to take care of a Pom puppy.


Pomeranian is an active breed. They love to run and play around until their energy runs out. They have had this habit since they were still a puppy. If they don’t get enough nutrition, Pom puppies are at a high risk of Hypoglycemia. It is a condition where the blood sugar falls very rapidly, which will cause weakness. 

Therefore, Pomerian dog puppy must be fed three times a day with healthy snacks in between. Puppies under eight weeks must be fed liquid food since their digestion system is not properly developed yet. Don’t forget to provide fresh water at all times to make sure the puppies are well hydrated.


Many people love Pomeranian because of their small size. Teacup Pomeranian is very popular because it is smaller than the regular Pomeranian. Even if Teacup Pomerian price is more expensive, people still buy them anyway.

But make sure that their small size doesn’t fool you. Small dogs also need training, especially active dogs like Pomeranian. So, make sure to train your Pom since the puppyhood stage. Potty training is very important. You can use a pee pad to facilitate the initial stage of potty training. 

Obedient training also must be started as early as possible. Pomerian is an active dog with a short attention span so it might be a little bit difficult to train them. You can use treats to motivate them during the training process. It is best to create a schedule for training. Snacking time in between meals is the best time for that.


Please remember that grooming is very important for Pomeranians. They have thick fur and it will not be good for their health if they are not groomed regularly. Unfortunately, grooming can be scary for some dogs. Sometimes they see combs and brushes as threats.

Therefore, it is important to introduce grooming since puppyhood. Make them feel relax while gently brush their fur. Make sure you do it gently so it won’t scare your puppy. You also can incorporate treats to show them that behaving well during grooming will earn your Pomerian dog puppy a good thing.

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