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Home Insurance Dogs Policy for Insurers with Restricted Dogs


Home Insurance Dogs

You may have a different home insurance rate with your neighbor, although both of you have a dog. The truth is that the policy of the home insurance dogs depends on the breed you have. Some dog breeds increase your home insurance rate. These breeds even make it more difficult to buy insurance. Check the details below. 

Dog Breeds that Affect Your Home Insurance Rate 

Some breeds that affect your home insurance rate, including Akita, Alaskan Malamute, American Pit Bull Terrier, and German Shepherd. Insurance companies are concerned about these breeds because they can be aggressive when getting older and bigger. These dogs can bite people, including children, and cause serious damage to your home or neighbors’ property. Potential insurers who have these dogs may receive different homeowner insurance policies than those who don’t have these breeds. 

The Impacts of Taking Home Insurance while Taking Care of a Restricted Dog Breed 

So, what are the impacts of taking home insurance while taking care of a restricted dog breed?

More Costly Premium 

The home insurance dogs policy for potential insurers with a restricted dog is a more costly premium. Insurance companies see a chance that your dog will bite people or destroy property. The bigger the chance, the greater the chance for you to file an insurance claim. So, the solution is by raising your insurance rate to compensate for the claim and payout.  

Get an Extra Policy from the Insurance Companies 

Insurance companies don’t want to take a risk if your dog bites people or destroys property. Because of that, potential home insurers with a restricted dog will receive an extra policy. The most common policy is that you have to pay the medical expense or home repairs out-of-pocket if it is because of your dog. 

Failed to Get Insurance Coverage 

Failing to get insurance coverage is another serious risk potential insurers with a restricted dog should face. The risk is getting bigger when your dog has aggressive behavior. It would be difficult to renew your coverage at the end of the policy period because of the dogs.

Tips to Get Home Insurance even with a Restricted Dog 

Despite the issue above, you can still get home insurance. Follow the tips below. 

Check Other Home Insurance Providers

Having a restricted dog means that you have to be selective in finding the best home insurance provider. Ensure that you get a home insurance provider that accepts insurers with a restricted dog. It is also good to find providers with the cheapest rate due to your condition. 

Get Additional Coverage 

Buying additional coverage is also another effective trick to keep getting home insurance. The function is to protect you from the liabilities because of your restricted dog. Some providers offer dog liability policies. It will increase your premium, but it is okay as long as you get home insurance while keeping your beloved dog.  

The point is that you can still manage a home insurance plan even if you have a restricted dog. You may need extra effort to find the most suitable home insurance dogs plan, but you will be satisfied with the result. 

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