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Pros and Cons of Pocket Dogs


Pocket dog price in India

Have you ever heard about pocket dogs? Pocket dogs are actually another term of teacup dogs. They come in various breeds, such as pocket Poodle, pocket chihuahua, and others. They are just the same as their original breeds. The only difference is their size. The term pocket refers to their super-small size. An adult pocket dog weighs less than 4 pounds or 1.8 Kg. For example, a normal Yorkshire weighs around 4 pounds to 7 pounds or 1.8 Kg to 3.1 Kg.

On the other hand, the pocket version weighs only 2 pounds to 3 pounds or 0.9 Kg to 1.3 Kg. There is no specific pocket dog breed. Pocket dogs usually come from toy dog breeds, like Yorkie, Poodle, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, and some terriers. The pocket dog price in India varies, depending on some factors. Such as the gender and the original dog breed. But it ranges from US$836 to US$557. If you are planning to pet a pocket dog, here are pros and cons you must know.

Pros of Pocket Dogs

Pocket dogs are ideal as a pet for those who live in a small house or studio apartment. Those of you who travel a lot can also pet this dog breed since it is very ‘portable’ due to its small size. Their small size makes them suitable for a fluffy friend for those who cannot handle large dog breeds. Pocket dogs are also easy to clean. Pocket dogs will not get any bigger as they are growing up. They will still look like a puppy, making them look cute forever.

Cons of Pocket Dogs

Unfortunately, due to their small size and the tendency to over breed this dog for profits, many pocket dogs are prone to health issues. For instance, hypoglycemia, respiratory concerns, heart disease, seizures, bone loss, and weak immune system. Though they are small in size, it does not mean that they require fewer medical costs. In fact, pocket dogs require quite pricey treatment. Due to its small size, special treatment is required to protect them from other health problems.

Therefore, besides the pocket dog price in India itself, you should also consider the treatment fee for the dog. The price of this dog breed is already pricey. Back in 2014, a 12-ounce pocket Pomeranian was sold by a Canadian dog breeder for $12,000. The prices of pocket Pomeranians are relatively expensive and you should pre-order for it.

Things to Consider When Keeping Pocket Dogs

If you have kids or a bigger dog already at your house, keeping a pocket dog as a pet is not always a great idea. Their fragile condition makes them extremely easy to get injured. As you know, kids tend to play rough with animals. Some pocket dogs also have an anxious nature, making them hard to bring out in public. If you insist on petting a pocket dog, make sure you buy or adopt them from a reputable, trustworthy breeder.

So, considering the pocket dog price in India, are you interested to buy and pet this dog breed?


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