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Taking Care of Pomeranian and Pomeranian Dog Price in Kolkata


pomeranian dog price in kolkata

Pomeranian is a popular household dog breed not only in India but also around the globe. Keeping a Pomeranian healthy is a great responsibility for the owner. When taking care of a Pomeranian, some key aspects must be emphasized. Most importantly,  how to adapt Pomeranian in hot climate countries like India. 

Moreover, some techniques can be employed when taking care of the dog. Other than that, we will also take a look into Pomeranian dog price in Kolkata.

Dealing with the heat

Before taking a look at Pomeranian dog price in India, there is a fact that you need to know. Pomeranian is a descendant of an Arctic dog breed called Wolfspitz. Similar to its ancestors, Pomeranian have a long fur coat covering its entire body. This is likely to adapt to the cold climate and keep the dog warm. For this reason, taking care of Pomeranians in India is a huge task.

It is best to not leave a Pom outdoors for too long. This is due to Pomeranian’s high sensitivity to heat and hot temperature. So, it is best to keep a Pom indoor in an air-conditioned room.

Bathing the dog

Taking a Pomeranian for a bath is essential to keep them clean and beautiful. You can either bring your Pomeranian to a dog groomer or you can do it yourself. Other than white Pomeranian dog price, there are some techniques that you must know before you decide to do this by yourself.

First, bathe your Pomeranian for no less than once every 2-3 months. A Pomeranian only has a small amount of oil in their fur and skin. This makes them not as water-resistant as other dog breeds. Second, don't bathe a Pom with warm water. Use cold or normal temperature water to keep the dog cool.

Keeping them active

Pomeranian dog prices in Kolkata varied between breeders. However, there are several common traits that Pomeranian dogs have. Pomeranian is known as a very active dog. So, don't be surprised if your Pomeranian likes to run around. For this reason, you must be able to provide wide space for the dog to play.

Another common trait of Pomeranians is their desire for affection. Pomeranians require a lot of love and attention from the owner. Therefore, it is best to not leave a Pomeranian alone for too long. Make sure to spend some time playing with your Pomeranian to keep them active and to show affection to it.

Pomeranian dog price in Kolkata are varied. This price variation depends on the age and the color of the dog. For the puppy, a Pomeranian price could range between ₹5,000 to ₹15,000. The older the dog, the cheaper the price will be. As mentioned before, the color could also influence the price of a Pomeranian. 

The rarest Pomeranian color is Lavender. The price of this type of Pomeranian can go as high as ₹451,000. Not to mention that you probably wouldn't find this type of Pomeranian in the common breeder. Regardless of Pomeranian price in India, this dog is still one of the most wanted household dogs in the world.

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