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5 Uses of Royal Canin Weight Control Helping Your Dogs Growing Healthy

5 Uses of Royal Canin Weight Control Helping Your Dogs Growing Healthy

 Like humans, pets that look fat will be very adorable. If we see a fat dog or cat passing by, of course, we want to chase it and stroke its body. Unfortunately, this is not always good, because dogs that are too fat are a health problem. Perhaps one reason is the provision of food without rules. Of course, this needs a solution, for example by giving the right type and portion of food. Luckily there is a product from Royal Canin that supports dogs to have an ideal and healthy body. This product is Royal Canin weight control. What are its uses? What can owners do to help dogs grow healthy?

The Factors Affecting Obesity in the Dogs 

Fat on a dog will make him look cute. Unfortunately, fat that tends to be obese is precisely the problem that must be resolved. Two factors influence and cause dogs to become obese, internal and external factors.

Not a few pet owners, especially dogs, feed without rules. This is the first internal factor. Dog owners tend to give food whenever the dog asks without measuring the portion. As a result, dogs can be overweight or obese. Because it could be that dogs don't have control to regulate how much food goes into their bodies. Unfortunately, this condition is often not realized because fat dogs look cuter, or it could be because owners don't know what the early signs of obesity are.

The second reason for obesity is genetics or the breed of the dog. Old age harms metabolism, sterilization, to hormonal diseases, such as hypothyroidism or other hormonal diseases. Diseases that can cause a dog to lack exercise that tend to affect less active dogs, such as dysplasia, arthrosis, and circulatory or respiratory diseases can also result in weight gain. As a result, you will need an extra diet program and special food such as Royal Canin weight control.

How about the External Factor? 

5 Uses of Royal Canin Weight Control Helping Your Dogs Growing Healthy

However, obesity in dogs can also occur due to external factors and most of these cases are due to poor maintenance methods. Not doing proper grooming, lack of time to take the dog for exercise and physical activity, to inappropriate affection by continuing to give gifts to dogs in the form of favorite snacks that contain high calories can also trigger obesity.

Resolve Your Dog’s Weight Problem with Royal Canin Weight Control

Obesity is closely related to what dogs eat. You can also help your dog grow healthy by helping it with its diet. Diet for dogs is usually done to deal with obesity or overweight condition. Obesity in dogs should not be ignored and underestimated, because this condition can be a risk factor for various diseases.

First, you can consult your regular veterinarian regarding the problem of being overweight in dogs. The doctor will provide solutions about the right type of food and program so that the weight loss gradually and the dog stays healthy. So, here are some criteria for dog food that are right for helping the problem of obesity in dogs. 

You can choose Royal Canin weight control since making them homemade seems not to be easy and efficient. Some food choices for obese dogs are high protein and low carbohydrate foods that you can see in the Royal Canin packaging table, high fiber and low fat, and special nutrients that can increase metabolism and help dogs burn calories faster.

Sudden changes in diet are sure to startle the dog and even stop eating or cause digestive problems. There are tips you can do. 

  • Mix this food with the previous diet food and do it gradually. The new diet food can be given only a quarter, then mix it with the old one. At least do it for one to two days. Check out the results.
  • Then increase by two parts the next day. Use a quarter of the new food as well as a quarter of the old food. Do this for the next three days.
  • See at every stage of the response given by the dog. Is the digestion good and there are no problems? If it's good, continue the stage.

As in the Royal Canin weight control product, even though the energy content is reduced, the diet food still contains vitamins, minerals, and various other important nutrients needed by dogs. Diet food for dogs prescribed by a veterinarian has a carbohydrate content that is measured to ensure the dog's blood sugar level remains stable. The right amount of fiber will also make the dog feel full longer, so you don't have to feed it constantly. Why I should choose Royal Canin weight control products? 

  • You don't need to hesitate because this dog food is specially adapted to the nutritional needs of overweight dogs.
  • This exclusive formula contains several macronutrients that safely support weight loss while helping your dog avoid weight gain.
  • This Royal Canin product contains high levels of natural fiber to help your dog feel full between meals. 
  • What's more, this formula contains a high protein content to support the maintenance of lean muscle mass and body.
  • Weight control dog food that is designed for dieting is more suitable for weight loss than a snack.

Last but not the least, don't forget and routinely take the dog to exercise. Like us, dogs can maintain their weight if they engage in regular physical activity. Exercising with your beloved dog is so much fun. Keep giving them the best affection. 

If all diet efforts for dogs have been made and the results are stuck, try to do a health check. It could be a pet dog experiencing health problems, especially in hormone levels in the body. Dogs can also experience hormonal imbalances which have an impact on difficulty losing weight.

Finally, as part of the Royal Canin products, these products must be only given to your pet when recommended by a professional veterinarian. So, it means you need to see and consult the vets first before taking this Royal Canin weight control. You should not reduce portions, because reducing portions not only reduce calories but also the intake of vitamins and minerals. 

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