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Daintree Rainforest Mammals

This region represents little more than 0 1 of the area of australia but contains. The daintree rainforest contains 30 of the frog reptile and marsupial species in australia and 90 of australia s bat and butterfly species.

Cassowary In The Daintree Rainforest Daintree Rainforest Cassowary Rainforest

As a matter of fact the daintree rainforest has the largest concentration of rare and threatened animal species in the whole world.

Daintree rainforest mammals. And if you are very lucky you might spot one of these giant flightless. This unique rainforest ecosystem is home to 430 bird species 12 000 insect species and 30 of australia s reptile frog and marsupial species. Spectacled flying fox a large flying fox being black and with a large patch of straw coloured fur on the mantle and around the eyes.

The egg laying mammals are seen very infrequently. Daintree rainforest 2333 cape tribulation rd diwan qld 4874 australia. There are also over 12 000 species of insects in the rainforest.

The daintree rainforest is home to a wonderful collection of daintree rainforest animals. One of the iconic species of the daintree is the endangered cassowary. Daintree rainforest mammals include marsupials monotremes dasyurids macropods possums and a rich diversity of placentals including primates pigs dingoes bats mice and rats.

It is only found in australia s tropical rainforest and while common locally is a vulnerable species. The wet tropical rainforests of north east qld contain the richest fauna in australia. Common along the east coast of australia including the daintree.

7 of bird species in the country can be found in this area. Endemic species are species that are found nowhere else on the planet. I grew up in sydney but fell in love with north queensland and moved here over 20 years ago.

The endemic species of the daintree rainforest include green and ringtail possums tree kangaroos the southern cassowary buff breasted paradise kingfisher ulysses butterfly boyd s forest dragon and many more. 30 of australia s marsupial species and all five australian frog species including the giant white lipped tree frog which is the largest frog in the world live here. Daintree rainforest contains an extraordinary treasure trove of fauna including magnificently adapted mammals birds reptiles frogs spiders and insects each individual species of daintree rainforest fauna is a model of adaptive genius as is only able to be found with the refinement of time that the oldest rainforest in the world provides.

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