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Mammals Of Japan

This article will touch on a few of these mammals and discuss their habitats and ranges current conservation status and the major threats that they face. The mammals of japan.

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Sado island an island less than 1 000 km2 off western honshu has two endemic mammals the sado shrew sorex sadonis and the sado mole mogera tokudae.

Mammals of japan. Japanese macaque red crowned crane steller s sea eagle crested ibis and japanese giant salamander are just for starters. This is a list of the mammal species recorded in japan there are 153 mammal species in japan of which three are critically endangered twenty two are endangered thirteen are vulnerable and two are near threatened one of the species listed for japan is considered to be extinct see the wild mammals of japan 2009 ohdachi s. Mammals in japan noting those during focus on nature tours 1991 thru 2015 with an a list of land and marine mammals in japan compiled by armas hill in the list japanese names follow those in english.

Japan conjures images of a range of iconic species. Japan is an east asian island nation that is located in the pacific ocean. The isolated islands of the japanese archipelago support around 150 species of mammals many of them rodents or bats but with a wide range of small medium and large mammals from flying squirrels.

The country has many endemic animal species that can only be found in japan but unfortunately many of these mammals are endangered or critically endangered. The wildlife of japan includes its flora fauna and natural habitats the islands of japan stretch a long distance from north to south and cover a wide range of climatic zones this results in a high diversity of wildlife despite japan s isolation from the mainland of asia in the north of the country north of blakiston s line there are many subarctic species which have colonized japan from the. A japanese serow photographed during a font tour on the island of honshu codes.

Japan is home to only around 90 species of mammals but about half of these are endemic which means that you can find them only in japan.

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