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The perfect combination of siamese and persian the himalayan cat is a strikingly beautiful breed. The himalayan cat is a combination of the beautiful siamese and persian cats.

Himalayan Fluffy Cat Breeds Himalayan Kitten Himalayan Cat Cat Facts

Himalayan cat the most famous cat breeds himalayan cat is sub breed it is the result of hybridization persian cat and siamese cat but remarked by the points on the cats extremities the facial mask feet ears and tail.

Persian siamese cat breeds. The persians have also been used as a cross to produce another hybrid breed known as the exotic shorthair. In 1931 this idea was conducted with the first aim was to determine how the caller point gene was passed on. They first did it to determine how colorpoint genes are passed on in cats.

Over a period of time persians have interbred with siamese to create the himalayan cat breed. In 1957 the cat fanciers association recognized the himalayan cat as its own breed. We selected 15 of the best cat breeds among the many beautiful popular and unique ones out there.

Himalayan persian or colourpoint persian as it is commonly referred to in europe is a breed or sub breed of long haired cat similar in type to the persian with the exception of its blue eyes and its point colouration which were derived from crossing the persian with the siamese. This breed of cat is a result of breeders coming together to create the breed. The result is a beautiful feline with a long silky persian like coat and siamese like pointed coloring and bright blue eyes.

They are well known for their thick luxurious coats and their stunning blue eyes but these aren t their only notable characteristics. Today s siamese cats are very different from siamese in the 7s yet they have their own characteristics preserved for the himalayan gene the same gene that expresses true color it can be seen in the ears feet face toes and tail. Some registries may classify the himalayan as a long haired sub breed of siamese or a colorpoint sub breed of persian.

The himalayan cat has all the beauty of its persian relative. They re as close to purrfect as you can get. The first persian was featured in a cat show at the crystal palace in london england in 1871.

It is believed that the stunning himalayan cat breed was the result of the crossing process between a siamese and a persian to take the outstanding features especially blue eyes of the siamese cats. The siamese cat is one of the most well known cat breeds. Himalayan cats otherwise known as himmies are a hybrid breed of persian and siamese cats.

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