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11 key things to keep in mind when keeping the Chihuahua


Chihuahua charm lies in its small size, a great personality, and variations in the types of feathers and colors. They have all the characteristics of a dog, fully able to compete in sports such as dog agility and obedience, and is one of the top 10 dog watchdog recommended by the experts. They really like being with the people dearest and requires minimal training and maintenance.

11 refer to this when you want to keep them.

1. Select a breeder Chihuahua who had documents about the health condition of the knee and shell of the heart.

2. Chihuahua dog breed is long-lived; You can keep it for up to 18 years.

3. Chihuahua is vulnerable when cold chills, excited, or afraid. Wear a sweater or coat on Your Chihuahua when he went outside the House in cold or wet weather.

4. the Chihuahua can be unfriendly towards other dogs if they are not socialized when young. Chihuahua will not withdraw if faced with another dog and this can cause problems if they are facing an aggressive large dog.

5. do not leave unattended Your Chihuahua in the page. He could have been attacked by a hawk, bird of prey, or a larger dog.
6. the Chihuahua can be less friendly on foreigners. Choose a dog who was born and raised in a House with lots of human interaction.

7. Chihuahua is not suitable to be kept if you have children. Chihuahua classified as fragile and toddlers could hurt these dogs during play. Most breeders will not sell these puppies to homes that have small children under the age of eight years.

8. Chihuahua's ears are prone to a heap of earwax and dry skin.

9. Chihuahua needs 20 to 30 minutes of daily exercise and they can do it for longer than you expect. Monitor Your Chihuahua is especially when it was a puppy, so he's not too exhausted.

10. the Chihuahua can be destructive when bored and can be a finicky eater. Set the basic rules and adhere to the firm or you'll always succumb to the will of Chihuahua.

11. To obtain a healthy pet, never buy a puppy from a breeder, puppy mills, or pet stores. Look for a reputable breeder who checked genetic health conditions and his dog's temperament.

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