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10 Type Most Popular Dog In The World

Labrador Retriever

Dogs are man's best friend. Loyalty and their cuteness makes people keen to maintain. However, there are several types of pet dogs became a favorite because of its unique trademark, or because of their appearance. Following is ranked 10th most popular breed of dog in the world


10. dachsund

Dachsund, or commonly known as sausage dog / dogs hotdog / Dachshund comes from Germany. Has a long body and short legs, the breed is usually served as guard dogs and hunters. But because these dogs have short legs so it is often difficult to get through the thicket bush dog eventually no longer be used as a companion to hunt.


9. Rottweiler

Rottweiler dog is known as one of the best keepers in the world. Due to the  nature of territorial so it is very suitable when used as a housekeeper. These dogs come from Germany and classified as a large dog weighing over 50 to 60 kg and height 56 to 63 cm. Rottweiler is one of the 10 most popular breeds mainly in the United States. 


8. Poodle

At first, the dogs were bred in Germany this is a dog that is trained to be a hunting dog. Dog poodle is a dog that is a good swimmer. Poodle has a long curly hairs where the long hair is useful to protect an important part of his body. 


7. Boxer

Boxer includes a large dog and muscular look that berasar of Germany. Due to the nature of the boxer who likes to play and energetic, sometimes they called Peter Pan. Boxer has properties very careful, fearless, strong and too clever. If properly trained, boxer could be wrong one good guard dog.

Yorkshire Terrier

6. Yorkshire Terrier

A dog that originated in England has distinctive features such as fur coats are dependent on the same straight and long on each side, splitting hairs middle of nose to tip of tail. Used to catch rats in the factory. Is a breed of dog that is very nice to be a friend to play. Yorkshire is the most popular breed of dog in the United States and has won several dog competitions around the world so its popularity can not be denied again.


5. Bulldog

Often called England Bulldog because it comes from the UK. The characters are aggressive and tough to make people make it as fighting dogs. Is the most popular breed of dog in the world, especially in Los Angeles. Despite having a hideous physical, bulldog slowly nurtured and trained to be a man's best friend, especially young children.


4. Beagle

Dogs are known as the hounds of England has a similar appearance to foxhound dog. Has a great ear drops down. Beagle has a muscular body with a long tail. Beagle dog is a dog that is sweet, gentle, affectionate, intelligent, friendly, happy and cheerful to everyone and greets with tail wagging. It menjadikanbeagle included in any one dog most commonly purchased in the world. Did you know that Snoopy cartoon series have also helped increase the popularity of this Beagle.

Golden Retriever

3. Golden Retriever

A native of England, dogs are most commonly purchased in the world including the dog easily trained and very active. Golden retriever is named for the golden fur and also because once the dog is on duty to take game animals that have been shot. Golden Retriever is a dog that is friendly with people so easy to make friends with humans even with other dogs. Having a small guard instincts and rarely attack people but still could be a watchdog if a stranger had come.

German Shepherd

2. German Shepherd

Dogs are more commonly known as German shepherd in Indonesia is one of the most popular dogs in the world. Hailing from Germany known as an intelligent dog, faithful, courageous and vigilant. Often used as a guard dog because it is protective and territorial. This breed is very intelligent famous so easy to train.

 Labrador Retriever

1. Labrador Retriever

Is a breed of dog is most popular in the United States is physically not much different from any Retriever.Hanya Golden Labrador from Canada. Labrador including dogs intelligent and quick to learn. These dogs are also very happy to play water. Labrador has a k epala large and wide muzzle. The body is also longer than its height. Having b ulu short, rigid and waterproof. Most Labrador black, yellow or brown. 

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