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Chihuahua almost ‘ripped to pieces’ by another dog in the north


" When he( owner) interpreted the wound on Pablo's body he recommended' to place some Zam-buk on it and close it up with a plastic suitcase '."


The beloved pet of a Montana resident was allegedly approximately ripped to segments by another dog outside its yard.

America Powroznik said her five-year-old chihuahua was seriously injured after a bigger hound affected it.

" My love Michael, took my two chihuahuas, Pablo and Zoey, for a path last week in Geranium Street when it happened," said Powroznik.

She said Michael Dobson regularly sauntered her puppies and that they are always leashed.

" The owners of a bullmastiff-ridgeback cross left their door open when they registered with their gondola," said Powroznik.

" The dog ran out and attacked Michael from behind ."

She said in a split second Pablo came between Michael and the mastiff.

" Pablo is extremely protective of us. He represented Michael against the bigger pup, which then attacked and went remain of Pablo ."

Powroznik said the owner of the mastiff was present during the attack.

" The owner simply stood there and Michael had to get the mastiff off of Pablo on his own," she said.

" Michael had such a big frighten- he though Pablo was dead ."

Powroznik said she was stunned by the behavior of the owner of the other dog.

" When he( owner) visualized the wrap on Pablo's body he showed' to set some Zam-buk on it and close it up with a piece of plastic baggage '."

Powroznik said she and her friend rushed Pablo to an animal hospital in Roodeplaat.

" It was very late and this animal hospital was the only one which was still open and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg ."

Pablo went stitches and drug and is rallying well.

" At the end, the project was R1 810," said Powroznik.

" I am a student paying off student loans, so this is a lot of fun for me ."

Powroznik said she went back to the owner of the mastiff to improve foot the bill.

" This time, there was a woman outside of the members of this house who rebuffed us and said that it was not her problem that her pup assaulted ours in wall street ."

After countless an attack against puppies outside of their yards, the SPCA sent out an alert last year that owners who fail to keep their puppies inside of their properties will be severely dealt with.

After humanity was assaulted by fighter puppies in August, SPCA inspector Mishack Matlou said owners will be held responsible for their swine' behavior.

Earlier last year, a human has been killed in Hammanskraal after puppies assaulted and rent him to portions outside his property.

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