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Chihuahua Lifespan – How Long Do Chihuahuas Live

Chihuahua Lifespan – How Long Do Chihuahuas Live

For all the Chihuahua house owners out there, we've sensible news!

The Chihuahua life is arguably the longest within the canine kingdom.

All things being well, you'll be able to expect your diminutive companion to stay around for an extended time, a minimum of by bow-wow standards.

That said, Chihuahuas ar at risk of many fashion factors and health conditions.
In this guide we’ll take a glance at these and provides you some recommendation on the way to maximize your Chihuahua’s probabilities of an extended and happy life.
If you’d wish to learn a lot of regarding Chihuahuas generally, here’s an excellent guide to the world’s smallest dog breed.

The Chihuahua life and the way it stacks up against alternative breeds

Small dog breeds tend to measure longer than medium and enormous dogs.

While the precise reason for this inequality is unknown, it’s thought to own one thing to try and do with their slower rate of growth delaying the onset of age-related diseases.

Chihuahuas aren't any exception, living a median of fifteen to twenty years, with females generally living around one to two years longer than males.

This places the common Chihuahua life in initial place aboard the Chinese Crested.
Medium and enormous dogs live considerably shorter lives, with medium dogs living a median of ten to thirteen years and enormous dogs living from eight to ten years.
Chihuahuas could also be tiny, however they carry on kicking!

Health conditions moving Chihuahua life

While Chihuahua lifespan is superb, the breed is stricken by a variety of health conditions.
Knowing and managing these is very important.


Chihuahuas ar noted (or maybe notorious looking on your purpose of view) for his or her assertive, “big dog” perspective.

While this is often loveable, it will create them vulnerable given their Lilliputian dimensions.
Compounding the risks related to this “never say die” perspective, Chihuahuas oftentimes exhibit a genetic condition referred to as “moleras” – soft spots within the os wherever bone didn't absolutely develop.

Owing to these factors, a high proportion of Chihuahuas die from trauma, whether or not from dog fights or accidentally being born or stepped on.

Chihuahua Lifespan – How Long Do Chihuahuas Live

Cardiovascular sickness

A twenty-year study into canine mortality unconcealed that eighteen.5% of Chihuahua mortality will be attributed to heart-related sickness, putting the breed among the highest five of these most vulnerable.
While onset of cardiovascular disease happens comparatively late during a Chihuahua’s life (14 years) it remains the only greatest contributor to reduced Chihuahua lifespan.
The good news is that up to seventieth of according cardiovascular disease cases in tiny breed dogs is degeneration of the bicuspid valve, a condition which may be prevented through sensible diet and exercise.


Hypoglycemia may be a condition that causes blood glucose levels to stay at less than healthy levels.
While the physical effects don't seem to be continually straightaway obvious, over time symptom causes a gradual decline in strength.
It’s important that Chihuahuas be checked if they're sluggish, sleeping too, or at risk of shaking.
Early treatment will arrest the onset of this condition. Conversely, if not treated it'll considerably cut back Chihuahua life.

Other conditions

Other conditions which can cut back your Chihuahua’s life or quality of life include: os sesamoideum shift, Von Willebrand’s sickness, abnormal condition, and retinal sickness.
Some sensible belongings you will do to boost your Chihuahua’s life


A healthy diet is your favorite weapon in preventing vas degeneration.
Chihuahuas ar typically meticulous eaters and it’s common for them to beg for that delicious “human food.”
It’s necessary to be firm! confirm your diminutive pal gets nutrient and well-balanced pet food, keeping treats from your table to a blank minimum.


Chihuahuas typically like to play and opt for walks through their neighborhood, thus keeping your Chihuahua work and active is sometimes simply accomplished.
While they have daily walks, the gap and intensity is much but needed by a bigger dog. a touch little bit of exercise goes an extended approach.
Remember that Chihuahuas ar huge dogs cornered during a small body!
They’ll typically go about to a lot of larger dogs basic cognitive process themselves to be unbeatable.
It’s thus an honest plan to stay an in depth eye on their natural outgoing exuberance.

Preventive health

As with all dogs, hindrance is far higher than cure.
Make sure your hirsute companion gets a wellbeing check per annum which they get all their vaccinations (leptospirosis, parvovirus, and canine contagious disease ar particularly important).

You’ll conjointly need to create positive they receive regular oral care. Chihuahuas ar at risk of dental issues and chronic problems with oral health will introduce infection and increase the probability of cardiovascular disease.

Finally, neutering and sterilisation brings several edges. It reduces the chance of cancer, lowers their aggression and reduces the probability of them feat.
ith correct care, the common Chihuahua life is excellent! Your pint-size companion stands a really sensible likelihood of being around for an extended time to come back.

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