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Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red?

puppies eyes red

Dr. Stephanie Everidge

Your pet’s eye or eyes seem red in color thanks to hyperbolic inflammation. This inflammation will be on the eyelids themselves resulting in the red look or maybe thanks to the blood vessels changing into enlarged on the whites of the eyes referred to as the sclerotic coat. The blood vessels will enlarge or englut with blood thanks to either one thing occurring on the outer parts of the attention or one thing internally within the eye.


There area unit many various causes of red eyes in dogs and might be as easy as allergies or additional serious like eye disease or increase in pressure within the eye. alternative potential causes might be Associate in Nursing infection within the attention, Associate in Nursing ulceration on the outer portion of the attention that would result to a trauma event, low tear production, or Associate in Nursing infection either within the attention or outside the attention. There area unit cases of illness elsewhere within the body which will cause inflammation of the attention.


Several tests which will be completed by your doc to do to designation the problem with the attention. the primary step involves gazing the attention with a specialized medical instrument in each the sunshine also as within the dark to seem at the rear of the eye at the nerves and vessels. The doc can check the responses of the pupils also because of the response of the eyelids to the sunshine. this can make sure that the nerves to the attention area unit operating properly. consecutive step with this is to seem at the inner parts of the attention for proof of infection/cells within the eye chambers also on check out the lens.

More specialized testing will involve taking the tear production of the eyes to confirm there's enough lubrication of the eyes. Another common take a look at is named Fluorescein dye take a look at. it'll flip the outer portion of the attention referred to as the membrane an inexperienced color to seem for Associate in Nursing signs of trauma or ulceration on the attention. Also, the doc could take a pressure check of the eyes to confirm there aren't any signs of eye disease. typically pets got to be cited a veterinary oculist if there area unit issues regarding eye disease or alternative problems within the eyes.


Treatment for redness of the attention will vary from special eye drops and oral anti-histamines that facilitate with the inflammation if it's hypersensitivity reaction associated with even antibiotic eye drops if there's a cut on the attention. to confirm there's not a significant issue concerned, have your pet seen if their eyes area unit red.

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