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Introducing a puppy to your cat

 puppies and cats

Bringing a replacement puppy house is AN exciting event for humans, except for cats it will appear as if their world has simply been torn apart. even though your cat has been accustomed to living with a dog, the new puppy is nothing like their recent, established friend, and might seriously disrupt the social unit order! Here square measure some tips about introducing your puppy and cat.

Most cats square measure extremely territorial, and routine-oriented. The inner sanctum of their house is a vital a part of their security, and feeling that it's been ‘invaded’ in any method may be enough to kindle a full gamut of stress-related behaviors – together with spraying water on your furnishings, deed deposits in your shoes, or the dog’s bed, or – at the worst – deed home altogether.

introducing a puppy to a preparing your home for the arrival of a replacement puppy is incredibly vital, however, even a lot of this if you have got a cat (or cats) and need to create the arrival as calm and harmonious as doable. merely transferral your puppy home, sound him on the ground, and permitting him to chase (or be chased!) across the carpet isn't the simplest initial introduction! so, in one fell swoop, it will produce anxiety and mistrust that may last for all times.

Scent to save lots of

Introducing a replacement puppy to a longtime cat very needs you to believe the planet from your cat’s purpose of reading. Cats see the planet in terribly other ways to humans – and to dogs! whereas our world is jam-packed with vision and color, cats tend to achieve abundant of their info from the scent, that is why even a replacement piece of furnishings in your home may be enough to upset a sensitive feline disposition! For this reason, accustoming your cat to the smell of your new dog, long before he or she even comes home, may be ideal. this could be done by taking an artifact with you after you visit your new puppy at the breeder’s and touching the puppy with it. you'll be able to then take this home and wipe it on your furnishings, door frames, even your own hands, before touching your cat. this fashion the smell of the new puppy are transferred to all or any these areas and can be acquainted to your cat before she ever lays eyes on the newcomer. maybe this can be the cat version of seeing images of somebody before you meet them – giving a much-needed sense of recognition beforehand.

Once your pup is home, pay immeasurable time touching your cat before right away touching your pup – he or she's going to then smell acquainted and can be recognized as an area of your cat’s family.

Mood food

With the upcoming arrival in mind, assume too regarding the sensible areas of your cat’s life which will be noncontinuous by the presence of a replacement puppy. If you presently feed your cat from dishes on the ground, you'll favor beginning obtaining her into the new habit of uptake au fait a high surface. this can be for 2 reasons. the primary is apparent – a dish left down with food in it'll be consumed by your dog! the cat show isn't excellent news for puppies for several reasons, and it actually won’t facilitate with house coaching if your new pup includes dyspepsia within the initial few days. The second reason is that your cat’s emotional security must be protected and she or he would feel vulnerable uptake on the ground with the chance of a bouncy puppy suddenly showing next to her (or on high of her!) whereas she grub.

 puppies and cats

Litter issues

Have a assume too regarding the positioning and kind of litter receptacle that your cat uses. If {this is|this is often|this will be} in a very place wherever the puppy can access, you wish to bear in mind that cat poo could be a Canis familiaris delicacy! This can be a superbly ‘normal’ canine behavior, however, clearly, it's unsanitary and pretty revolting! but, way worse from your cat’s purpose of reading is that the worry that she can be ambushed by the puppy while victimization the tray! even though your puppy will this life, this has to be high of the list of feline nightmares and might result in all types of mussy behavior issues within the future if your cat does not desire to use the receptacle. Of course, nobody likes the thought of being shocked by the door suddenly gap while we tend to square measure at our most vulnerable within the bathroom – and also the same goes for cats too. To avoid this, you'll re-position the receptacle somewhere that solely your cat will access, whether or not via a cat flap or the even-handed use of a baby gate or barrier that your cat will get through or leave out, however your puppy cannot. varied styles of litter receptacle can even facilitate to stop canine interest within the contents – the kind that square measure lined with a rounded lid, and square measure accessed by a cat flap may be ideal, however, you wish to change your cat to employing a new receptacle before the arrival of your new puppy, not after!

High rise hides

On the entire, cats square measure tricksy creatures that employment out terribly quickly that wherever they will go, puppies cannot continually follow. However, so as to feel safe and secure it’s vital that they need high places that they will attend sit and appearance down on the new puppy in a very superior, feline reasonably method. For this reason, certify that your cat has access to window sills, units, even bookcases, wherever you won’t be disquieted regarding ornaments obtaining knocked or your cat troubled to climb up or down. what quantity your cat can use these ‘safety platforms’ can rely mostly on his or her basic confidence, however even though you're thinking that your cat is sometimes an enormous, high-and-mighty man, it’s best to produce a number of these high-rise hides beforehand.

On lead, in restraint

Without a doubt, one in every of the most contributors to a harmonious cat and dog social unit is to confirm that your puppy ne'er gets an opportunity to chase your cat, either within the house or the garden. the simplest thanks to trying this is to form barriers in your home that your cat will traverse however your puppy can’t. Baby gates (where the cat will slip through the bars, however, your puppy will) or low barriers positioned at doors or rock bottom of the steps wherever the cat can simply leave out, deed your pup on the opposite facet, square measure easy and sensible. Keeping your pup on a lead or trailing line is additionally counseled after you square measure there to supervise interactions. Combining this with coaching a ‘settle down’ on command will work wonders to stay everybody calm and happy.

My expertise of keeping dogs and cats along has been an exquisite joy. while there's very little doubt UN agency rules the roost in my house, (like all those that square measure ‘owned’ by cats can recognize,) to examine all my animals unerect along on the lounge, or lining up for a spot of clicker coaching as a group, has been a large privilege – and, quite merely – nice fun.

When you want skilled facilitate

There square measure some cases wherever despite your best efforts, your cat and dog still aren’t old-time. This can be as a result of your cat is incredibly anxious or fearful, and is concealment the entire time, or it should be as a result of your new dog shows AN inherent need to be ‘predatory’ around your cat. this can be unremarkably seen in older dogs, instead of puppies, however, tends to be defined by the dog being captivated with your cat, sniffing her out and trying to find her frequently, or shaking with arousal and being fully mounted and targeted once he sees her. Don’t delay. These types of symptoms indicate that you just want some skilled facilitate with assessment and doable intervention because the welfare of each animal is at stake – still as your stress levels!

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