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More than 700 dogs rescued from terrible conditions at Georgia puppy mill

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Nonprofits step in when 2 an organization of hounds are removed from a breeder.

When a tired save bird-dog named Jordan Knight attained it to his foster dwelling, the little bird-dog stood quivering over his new coach that first night. Freshly shaved of his dirty, matted hair, Jordan was clean and pacify as he swayed back and forth in a corner of the warm home. Jordan -- one of more than 600 hounds removed from a South Georgia puppy farm -- was eventually safe, but he wasn't quite sure what the hell is stimulated of his new life.

Let this sink in ... he is beside a bird-dog couch but has no idea what to do with it but he's completely asleep. He can probably be lived his entire life sleeping like this, learning to get comfy endure, which is why even their toenails develop straight out versus curling. This is what pure greed did to this bird-dog. He is so unfamiliar with a dwelling and his surroundings that he's living as if he was still in those enclosures piled on top of other hounds just trying to stay alive and get comfy any way "has to".
It's just one snapshot of the opening up of convalescence from a horrific situation.

It all started on Feb. 28, when hundreds of dogs were surrendered by a breeder to government agricultural officials, who were on the property for a routine inspection. Reason Craig Gray, 58, of Nashville, Georgia, told them that he requirement help and needed to surrender all the dogs in his self-possession, according to The Berrien Press.

Berrien County Sheriff Ray Paulk said crews began the major endeavor of removing the dogs, operating through the night. They didn't finish until 2 days later. The dogs were handed over to more than two dozen licensed, nonprofit salvages throughout Georgia and Florida.

The nonprofit group USA Rescue Team said they produced the operation to remove the dogs from the premises." There is not one person or one save that can take total credit for placing these pets in a better place," the group posted on Facebook." It took so many people and everyone came together for one major cause. The pets are in a better place today and our nerves are full of exultation !"

Cellphones and photos were not allowed on a website while the dogs were being rescued, according to reports. But as the dogs induced their style to foster homes, photographs and stories started to spread across social media. The dogs had dirty, extremely matted fur and many facing difficulties even standing.

Source vide by Releash Atlanta

As the images were shared, people learned more about the horrifying lives these animals had led.

" These dogs have been living in containers their whole lives -- one tiny crate stacked on top of another. They're matted, taken into consideration in feces and have never been held or went," posted the Atlanta Humane Society on Facebook.

The dogs are slowly learning to trust, experiencing a real dwelling and caring people for the first time. But many don't know how to walk on the grass( check the video above) -- or how to walk at all. They urinate and defecate in their containers and on top of each other because that's what they've been doing their entire lives. Most will have a long street to rehabilitation.

" They have never known a quiet life of desire outside of a cramped cage," wrote the Humane Society of Valdosta Lowndes County." We would also like to thank the volunteers that were at our building through the nighttime who spent hours cutting out matted fur, affording baths, and desiring these poor puppies. They were shockingly trusting and calm as if to say' thank you for saving me. I know you are here to help .' Please say a devotion for those puppies as they set out to find a new life ."

People in the rescue community and on social media were both incensed and heartbroken that swine could be treated like this ... and that the breeder was not initially arrested.

" So heartbreaking. Make-ups me cry. I actually don't have the words to say how this stimulates me to feel," Kimi Walters provided comments on Release Atlanta's Facebook page.

When the dogs were first removed from the property, the breeder was not charged. But then on March 7, a few weeks later, Gray was arrested for bringing back another 85 puppies and puppies to his property. According to the sheriff's office, Gray moved the dogs and puppies during the voluntary resignation last week, then brought them back after other puppies were removed.

" There are numerous charges pending on Gray, and as the results of the investigation continue to unfold, there is no way to tell just how many charges will be filed," Sheriff Paulk said, according to the Berrien County Sheriff's Department." Due to the extent of this operation and as many documents and veterinary reports that are currently being inspected by the Sheriff's Office, there is no way to know at this time how many charges there will be ."

Gray's business, Georgia Puppies, induced national news when the dogs were removed from his property.

" There are many questions yet to be answered and one huge one is how this licensed pet marketer was allowed to have an operation with this many beautiful animals to be able to populate to the phase of being out of control and inhumane," Paulk said.

The dogs were shaved to remove painful mats and filthy whisker. These two find comfort in each other. ( Photo: Release Atlanta )
It's clear these puppy mill puppies have led dreadful lives, but in cases like this, there are other victims that may not be so obvious.

Because salvages had to make room for 700 puppies, their promotes and budgets are extended thin. That means they no longer have room for waiting puppies in shelters that likewise need rescue. In addition, these puppy mill salvages will need to stay in foster care for longer than most puppies and are most likely need more medical attention.

" The ancillary victims are the shelter puppies," according to a post from Angels Among Us, a rescue that took in 40 of the dogs. The group put out a plea for more promotes to volunteer and for funding to cover the additional costs of the salvages.

" That's space for 750 puppies in salvages that are started. And funding for so many more. The median bird-dog from this puppy mill rescue costs as much as three or four healthy puppies. We can't and won't ignore the shelter puppies and felines ."

Source by mnn.com
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