Wolf trapper certification class coming to Billings

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A wolf trapper certification class scheduled for Billings aims to educate those willing to learn, how to properly trap and conserve in the state of Montana. 

The class will be a comprehensive education session taught by FWP staff and experienced wolf trappers.

The trapping portion of each course will be taught by trappers who have considerable experience trapping wolves. 

Class materials cover trapping ethics, regulations, equipment, proper techniques to avoid trapping non-target species, and much more, including the history of wolves in Montana. 

The class will be held on September 7th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at FWP's region 5 headquarters, at 2300 Lake Elmo Drive in Billings Heights. 

The certification course is free and open to individuals ages 11 and older.

Pre-registration is required online at the FWP web site

The class is capped at 30 students, and registration will close when that number is reached.

Source abcfoxmontana.com

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