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13 Wolf-Life Dog Breeds That Make Great Family Pets

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Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not you.

You might think of wolves as being independent (after all, people do use the term "lone wolf") and perhaps even dangerous. And while that can be true of wolves in the wild, many dogs descended from or cross-bred with wolves tend to be extremely sociable, gentle, and playful. These wolf dog breeds are perfect if you want a companion for running, hiking, camping and swimming: these rugged breeds can do it all. And many of them are just as happy to snuggle up with you when you get home from your latest adventure.

Most wolf-like dogs tend to be pretty big, or at least medium-sized — though certain breeds, like the Pomsky and the Swedish Vallhund, can actually be pretty small. And you'll definitely want to grab some grooming tools before bringing one of these breeds home. Those gorgeous, thick, fluffy coats can require a lot of upkeep to keep your pup happy and healthy.

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