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List Of Hairless Cat Breeds

The sphynx is the most well known of the hairless cat breeds but others have been developed by cross breeding the sphynx to other breeds or from cats found in feral or stray populations. The strange extra ordinary and eye catching appearance along with playful personality and friendliness of hairless cats will win your heart and affection at once.

Sphynx Hairless Cat Breed Information And 30 Photos Cats Katzen Bilder Katzen Sphynx Katze

Cat breeds list dog breeds list.

List of hairless cat breeds. The donskoy cat is a hairless breed of cat that has a russian origin. Throughout the decades hairless cats have appeared as a spontaneous mutation. The donskoy was officially recognized for the first time by world cat federation wcf in 1997 and by the international cat association tica in 2005.

Hairless cat breeds make unique pets. 8 hypoallergenic yes max weight. 1 sphynx rank.

2 bambino hypoallergenic. 2 most popular hairless cat breeds. While lack of fur is a result of a natural mutation in some cat breeds others have been developed by creatively crossing interesting breeds.

The result is a cat with distinctly short legs and tall pointy ears. Most hairless cat breeds have a small amount of fuzz on their bodies. Like many hairless cat breeds the bambino is mixed breed and is a cross between a sphynx and a munchkin.

Hairless cat kittens we can imagine that these cat breeds may have a velvety smooth layered body instead of fluffy bundles of typical cat breeds. This article lists seven cat breeds that are hairless plus one additional breed. It was discovered in the russian city of rostov on don by cat breeder elena kovaleva in 1987.

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