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Dog Breed Chihuahua Terrier Mix

In this case the chihuahua is a tiny dog and the terrier is also a small dog but larger. Poodle x wheaton terrier mix.

Rat Cha Rat Terrier X Chihuahua Mix Info Temperament Training Puppies Pictures Chihuahua Terrier Mix Chihuahua Terrier Rat Terrier Dogs

Chihuahuas specifically are one of the smallest dogs in the world but don t underestimate them because these little agile and lively dogs are no minor feat.

Dog breed chihuahua terrier mix. These dogs are one of the healthiest breeds and may live an average of 15 17 years. Chihuahua x jack russell terrier mix. The chihuahua and bull terrier mix is also the least friendly mix and this is why you should ensure that this breed is trained.

They are loved for their tenacity and feistiness. The most popular mix is the yorkshire terrier and the chihuahua. Beagle x jack russell terrier mix.

Small terrier mix dogs breeds. The scotchi is one of those mixed breeds that is officially recognized by both the american canine hybrid club and the international designer canine registry. The main disadvantage is that since they are so small they are more delicate than their big dog counterparts.

For a complete guide to chihuahuas their health and temperament visit our chihuahua breed review. French bulldog x boston terrier mix. This sassy pooch is a result of cross breeding a chihuahua with one of the many terriers.

It s a small dog breed at about 10 to 25 inches tall weighing between 6 to 25 pounds. Poodle x yorkshire terrier mix. Maltese x yorkshire terrier mix.

This crossbreed s average lifespan is around 12 to 15 years. One of the new generation s favorite breed is a mix of two kinds you wouldn t expect the chihuahua terrier mix. Scottish terrier and chihuahua mix.

This famous designer dog is a combination of the scottish terrier and chihuahua. Chihuahua x yorkshire terrier mix. As you probably know there are several terrier breeds registered with the american kennel club.

Just what it says on the tin the chihuahua terrier mix can be a particularly diverse dog. Pug x boston terrier mix. A chihuahua terrier mix is a mix of the two different types of dogs.

Shih tzu x yorkshire terrier mix. Fox terriers are famous for their wiry coat which may look like a suitable winter attire. They are lively and intelligent pets.

Therefore if you think about it both types of dogs have their advantages and disadvantages. Hence make sure to keep an eye out on them. This is because of the size and looks of this small dog breed mix.

Chihuahuas are the small dog with a big reputation first bred for companionship in mexico and now popular all over the world. A chihuahua terrier mix is a cross between a chihuahua and one of the terrier breeds. Fox terrier chihuahua mix taco terrier chitoxy chihuahua fox terrier mix source this adorable mix comes in a very small size which is between 6 to 10 inches 15 to 25 cm tall.

The chihuahua terrier mix is a cross of a terrier breed and a chihuahua also known as jack chi or jack russell chihuahua mix. The mix is a cross breed of terrier and chihuahuas.

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