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Royal Canin Canned Dog Food: Wet Food Pros and Cons

Royal Canin Canned Dog Food: Wet Food Pros and Cons

 Royal Canin canned dog food enriches the type of food that the pet can have. As we know that the source of energy for the pet comes in 4 shapes, they are homemade, raw, wet and the last at once the most favorite is dry. The dry one becomes the favorite (based on the small research on the pet owners) because it has the longest time to save. The treatment on the container is also easier than that of the other shapes. However, let us dig deeper into canned food’s pros and cons so that pet parents will get the complete information to consider what is best for their dog.


The Process Reduces the Nutrient

Food processing gradually reduces the nutrients. Every process will give an effect like that of the kibble that uses a drying process (that also reduces nutritious content).

The Cans Give a Risk

The BPA lining on the cans can give health risks to the dog. It doesn’t directly affect health but it triggers the cell and leads to a particular disease.

The Size of the Food

Because of the content of water and the stiff packaging, the storage is a little bulkier than the other kind of food. For example, the kibble comes in a plastic bag that is easier to care for.

A Little More Expensive

Although the tag says one particular price, if we dig deeper by seeing the content, the price is more expensive (in value) because of the water content.

Needs More Attention on the Serving

Wet food leaves a stain on the bowl. If it is not cleared well, it will spoil and affect the new one that is served on it. After one meal, the bowl has to be washed. 


Solving Teeth Issues

Royal Canin canned dog food is the solution for a dog that possesses an abnormality in the teeth. Or, not an abnormality but just a temporary teeth disorder. Wet food is softer and more friendly to the teeth and gum.

Good for Dogs with an Appetite Issue

If the dog is not so sensitive to the smell or has appetite issues, canned food helps to deal with those. The smell is stronger than the dry one. The yummy smell will whet the dog’s appetite.

Hydrating the Dog

Not all dog is well hydrated. That is not because the owner doesn’t give enough supply. Pet lovers will not let their pets dehydrate. So, if it happens, that is usually because drinking is not the dog’s favorite activity.

Less Preservative Content

The packaging is designed to be airtight. It doesn’t need too much preservative content nor synthetic one. It can be assumed that the canned one is healthier. If it needs preservatives, the amount is very little.

Less Carbohydrate

Wet food doesn’t use too many carbs. It saves your dog from obesity. The blood sugar is more controlled.

Good Protein Content

It is related to the previous pros, the consequence of having fewer carbs is putting in more other ingredients. Usually, the protein source is the choice. That is a good sign so the dog has a good protein intake to support growth.

Royal Canin Canned Dog Food: Wet Food Pros and Cons

How to Avoid Bad Dog Food

Sometimes we don’t get the best. To avoid something like that, the pet parent should do a small observation. First, the observation is on the dog. It can be easy at once hard. From the appetite, we can see the preference. Then, observe the dog’s health. Go to the veterinarian and ask the suggestion. After all the technical things show that the dog needs wet food, make a list of the brands. Search for internet reviews. However, the reviews on the internet are not enough to decide that one brand is good. Royal Canin canned dog food is ready to be reviewed.

To see this, you can use the instinct of the dog. Canned food is made of cooked meat. The color should be like cooked meat as usual (and also the smell, etc). If you see the color is too strong, or the smell is like a chemical substance, that food should be questioned. Next, see the ingredients. If the food contains a preservative, it is a red flag. Canned food is processed by cooking the ingredient. It doesn’t need preservatives.

The Common Canned Food Ingredients

Here is the list of the ingredients that you can see. After knowing the list, you could read the can of your dog’s food. If there is something strange, you can decide to change.


This kind of meat has some benefits in building the body and giving energy, especially the liver part. The food usually uses other pig products except for teeth, horns, hair, and other inedible parts. Royal Canin canned dog food also uses pork as one of the ingredients.


Not just humans, dogs also take many advantages of this meat. Usually, skin and the flesh are the most important part that is included in ingredients that support the pet’s life’s sustain. It contains more than eight essential amino acids.


In canned food, water is the basic ingredient. Even though, canned food is different from soaked kibble. The processes of making those kinds of food are different. Simply adding water to the dry food does not make the food equal. It does help the texture but other than that is different.

Royal Canin Canned Dog Food

Royal Canin makes wonderful dog food with a great combination of serious research on the breed and the dog’s nutrient needs. Both support the creation of high-quality food. Many vets mention Royal Canin as a reference. With years of experience, we make a thousand dogs healthy and happy.

Royal Canin provides wet food in a can that you can buy in the store nearby. We give various types that surely fulfill any dog’s food necessity. The top of the search result is Royal Canin Canine Hydrolyzed Protein Loaf Canned Dog Food, Royal Canin Gastrointestinal, Royal Canin Cardiac, Royal Canin Hypoallergenic, Royal Canin Hepatic, and many more. With these complete variants, any condition can be handled by Royal Canin canned dog food.

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