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Despite their raw variety most of them face threats from human development capture and hunting. The mammal species of borneo include 288 species of terrestrial and 91 species of marine mammals recorded within the territorial boundaries of brunei indonesia and malaysia the terrestrial mammals are dominated by the chiroptera 102 species of bats and rodents 61 species of rats and mice.

Sera D Animal Kindom Macaque Monkey Macaque

Other species of howler monkey may be critically endangered over sections of their ranges.

Mammals monkey. Monkeys are some of the most widespread animals but despite being common in various parts of the world there are various misconceptions about these mammals. They are a highly arboreal species and will venture onto land. The gibbon 13 species fast agile vocal and social they are closer to monkeys than the great apes.

Monkey is a common name that may refer to groups or species of mammals in part the simians of infraorder simiiformes. Gibbon close up all together the primate group order has a much wider scope of mammals from the tiny shrew to the enormous gorilla. Though all monkeys have many similar characteristics and a close relationship to humans an early evolutionary shift created two major groups today.

The term is applied descriptively to groups of primates such as families of new world monkeys and old world monkeys many monkey species are tree dwelling although there are species that live primarily on the ground such as baboons. Old and new world. Proboscis monkeys are endemic to the jungles of borneo never straying far from the island s rivers coastal mangroves and swamps.

The red howler species is the most common but it is often targeted by hunters eager for bushmeat. Monkeys comprise a wide range of species throughout much of the tropical world.

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