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Mammals That Lay Eggs List

Once an egg hatches the baby feeds on milk produced by its mother. Female platypus can lay two eggs at a time while an echidna can lay only one egg at a time.

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Monotremes are one of the oldest groups of mammals and are believed to have evolved more than 120 million years ago.

Mammals that lay eggs list. Monotremes lay soft shelled eggs. These are the platypus and four species of echidna or spiny anteater. Cats dogs elephants giraffes whales dolphins porpoises and obviously homo sapiens are all viviparous mammals on the other hand there are mammals that lay eggs and are called monotremes the word monotreme is derived from the greek word monos meaning single and trema that means hole.

The vast majority of mammals give birth to live young. All mammals have a type of sexual reproduction by which a cell from the female of a species is fertilized by a cell from the male the main differentiation within mammal species is between those which grow the fetus inside the body and those which lay eggs. Mammals are warm blooded animals that give birth to live young.

If yes then let us know so that we can add in our list of egg laying mammals. There are many other differences in their body structure feeding habits diet and so on. Do you know about any other egg laying mammal.

There are only five surviving monotreme species and all can be found in either australia or new guinea. The only mammals that lay eggs are known as monotremes. Egg laying mammals do not have teeth they grind their food using bony plates in their mouth.

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