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The maine coon has large ears with hair at the tips giving these cats a look that s pretty much like the lynx. Types of folded ears.

Scottish Fold Animais Bonitos Lindos Filhotes Gatinhos Adoraveis

8 to 10 inches weight.

Cat breeds ears. History gave us a lot of experiments on breeding and passing on specific traits. These sweet cats have distinctive folded ears that give the breed their name. And i m probably not the only one who thinks so.

Cat breeds with curved ears. There are 4 cat breeds that do have folded ears. 10 cat breeds with big ears.

Yet they never made much fuss and were seen as isolated cases or curiosities. All scottish fold cats can trace their lineage back to susie the first cat known to have folded ears. These playful and sociable cats love the company of humans so they won t enjoy being left home alone all day.

Due to their propensity for taking things that don t belong to her they re also known as aby grabby along with being an adorable cat they are always. In japan people actually wear cat ears to look cute. When it comes to the curly ears they resulted from unplanned mutations along the way.

It is also not uncommon for some maine coons to have tufts growing from behind the ears and on the sides of their heads. They have folded ears simply because it is a breed specific characteristic. When it comes to cuteness much is said about cat eyes or their soft fluffy bodies.

Slender the abyssinian cat is one of the famous cat breeds in the united states. Ear tufts are a rare trait but they always mark an extremely special cat. There isn t only one type of folded ears.

Some of them are absolutely adorable some look like living seti antennas just waiting to be contacted by aliens while others look like aliens themselves. Cats with big ears. Again they can be different depending on the breed.

But there s also another reason why cats look so adorable their ears. Reports of cats with folded ears appeared in germany and belgium. The maine coon could be the most popular cat breed with tufted ears.

Not surprising since many of your housecat s wild cousins have tufted ears as well. Tall muscular body. In this section we will introduce you to the breeds notorious for their huge ears.

If i could describe cat ears with one word it would be cute. Yes you ve heard that right. 8 to 12 pounds physical characteristics.

The scottish folds the american curls the highlander cats and the. Although cat breeds with ear tufts come in all shapes and sizes one thing they have in common is that lovable cute yet wild look.

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