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Cat Breeds With Tufted Ears

The maine coon has large ears with hair at the tips giving these cats a look that s pretty much like the lynx. Let s talk about cats with ear tufts.

American Bobtail Cat Breed Information Pictures Characteristics Facts American Bobtail Cat Bobtail Cat Cat Breeds

The egyptians revered cats but other civilisations thought of them as mystical too.

Cat breeds with tufted ears. Cat breeds with ear tufts yes there are several breeds of cats that have ear tufts and long hair. The caracal caracal caracal ˈ k ær ə k æ l is a medium sized wild cat native to africa the middle east central asia and india it is characterised by a robust build long legs a short face long tufted ears and long canine teeth its coat is uniformly reddish tan or sandy while the ventral parts are lighter with small reddish markings. The pictures below display such cats along with the ear tufts.

In case you don t know the difference ear tufts are furry tufts on top of the cat s head while ear furnishings are tufts that sprout from the inner ear. The maine coon could be the most popular cat breed with tufted ears. There are tons of cute cat parts that humans love to fawn over nose freckles toe beans toe floofs and those majestic cat ear tufts.

Not surprising since many of your housecat s wild cousins have tufted ears as well. Black cats white cats long haired pussy cats and short tailed ones there s a myriad of choices when it comes to stunning looks. These 13 beautiful cat breeds can all have either ear tufts ear furnishings or both.

It reaches 40 50 cm 16 20 in at the. We simply believe these ears looks elegant and really beautiful. However cats with gorgeously tufted ears really do stand out from the crowd.

It is also not uncommon for some maine coons to have tufts growing from behind the ears and on the sides of their heads.

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