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Royal Canin Medium Dog Food: Important Feeding Rules

Royal Canin Medium Dog Food: Important Feeding Rules

Royal Canin medium dog food
 exists to complete your lovely pet’s health. So many people avoid having a pet because of the size issue. There are so many choices that you can pick from. If you think that the small one is too cute but you don’t have enough space to care for the big one, the middle of them is the right choice. Medium-breed dogs have just the ideal size to solve the doubt.

The medium ones are those dogs with weights around 20 to 60 pounds. That is the size when the dog reaches its growth peak. The choices are Mutts, German Pinscher, Bassett Hound, English Springer Spaniels, Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, Bull Terrier, Poodle, and many more.

The Importance of Right Portion Feeding

Having a medium-breed dog as a pet is the same as the big and small ones. However, some things have to be underlined. The portion is prominent to be noticed. Too much is as bad as too little. There are many effects as a result of these two non-ideal portions.

·         Cancer: Surprisingly, a lack of food can lead to this acute disease. However, it is.

·         Asthma: The breathing of the dog as an important material to live is also supported by the nutrition intake.

·         Skin abnormality: The vitamin in food takes a main role in skin regeneration. If the food lacks some substance (and also the portion is not ideal) the skin will go bad.

·         Congestive cardiac failure: The heart loses its ability to pump and distribute blood to the entire body. Because of that inability, the blood pressure becomes high. The fluid also leaks and disturbs the organs around it.

·         Cutting life span: So many diseases that are caused by lack of food shorten the life span. The dog will become very weak. The organs cannot work properly. It can be seen by the activity. If the dog is always laying around and spiritless in doing anything, it is a sign that your dog needs help. Give the dog Royal Canin medium dog food to maintain its health.

The Feeding Rules for Medium Breeds

Royal Canin Medium Dog Food: Important Feeding Rules

With the size range between the large one and the small, medium breeds also have their own feeding rules. Here are the rules according to the age stage.

Early Age (0 to 1 Year Old)

At the age of five months old, puppies of this breed weigh about 50% of the adult version. The need for food is a little frenzy. They can eat 4 times within 24 hours. The portion of each serving is 1 1/3 cups. That feeding habit will run until the puppy reaches 6 months old. After that, the feeding schedule is three times. The portion also has to be adjusted because their size is getting bigger and bigger. They will need 1 1/2 to two cups per serving.

Fully Grown (1 to 10 Years)

The feeding times for fully grown dogs will be reduced and the portion is increased. In a day, they eat only two times with two cups of food. For the 5 to 10-year-old dogs, the portion might be increased again to 2 ½ cups. This portion is modest. The pet parents have to monitor the activity and the weight. To have a balance weight, outdoor activity is good for the furry playmate. When they don’t go out a lot or don’t do an activity a lot, the serving has to be reduced to avoid being overweight. To make sure everything is alright, see the veterinarian who takes care of the dog.

Old Dog (Older Than 11 Years)

This is the last phase of the dog’s life. The food served is the same as what it used to eat. Medium breeds dogs usually have 15 years of life. It is just an average number. The exact number depends on the lifestyle, diseases, treatments, etc. The healthier dogs might live longer than this average age. In this senior age, dogs have to be strict with a healthy diet. The diseases easily attack them. The oversized dogs also have to reduce their weight to gain a healthier life. Otherwise, the weight is going down, the food has to be increased.

Royal Canin Medium Dog Food

The dream of every pet parent is to have the dog healthy. Royal Canin gains more than four stars (out of five) reviews on the internet. The quality speaks for itself. Here are some special nutrients in Royal Canin medium dog food.

·         Contains omega 3. This is very important for skin health.

·         Contains prebiotics and antioxidant complex. The substance work to improve the body's defense. Consuming the right portion makes the dog disease-proof.

·         Good for the dog’s belly.

Royal Canin medium dog food helps the digestive system reach its perfect health.

The food is good for medium breeds dogs. Many variants will fulfill each dog’s needs. If the dog has a certain problem, Royal Canin has the solution.

For example, if the dog has a digestive issue, Royal Canin Medium adult in gravy helps to overcome the problem. The dog’s intestinal flora will be balanced. Due to the dog’s individual preference, Royal Canin medium dog food comes in wet food and kibble. Whichever you pick, the taste is guaranteed to be loved by the furry pet.

If you have considered giving the mixed food (or it is suggested by the vet) it is easy to be done. You just have to follow the instruction. The purpose is to get the maximum benefit. This is one of the missions that we want to make your pet healthy and happy. Pet makes our world more colorful.

So, we should make their world colorful and healthy too. With years of experience, we believe that we can make that dream comes true. And with good composition, Royal Canin medium dog food is always ready to be picked as your dog’s energy source. With the best food, it will be the foundation for your dog to stay in good shape. Of course, never underestimate the best intake full of nutrition from Royal Canin.

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