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Keystone Species In The African Savanna

The savanna s keystone species is the. In african savannas such as the serengeti plains in tanzania elephants are a keystone species.

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Then there are species that feed on these grassland species like cheetahs lions hyenas crocodiles jackals wild dogs and vultures.

Keystone species in the african savanna. Prey on impalas giraffes buffalo wild hogs rhinos hippos hares birds and certain reptiles. Possibly a third species called the west african elephant. The elephants are the keystone species in the savannas of africa.

These creatures are a destructive force in their habitat killing trees and feeding on young saplings in savanna grasslands. These animals also depend on the african elephant to keep the grasslands open for their survival. A look at the savanna.

Travel in herds of around 10. If the elephants were to disappear than the population of acacia trees will increase and the savannas will be converted from grasslands to woodlands. Without this the savannah would not be a grassland and instead turn into a woodland.

Their consumption of plants helps control the physical and biological aspects of an ecosystem. Elephants eat shrubs and small trees such as acacia that grow on the savanna. This action prevents the grassland from developing into a forest or woodland and allows for all the species that live in the savanna to maintain their habitat.

Elephants are keystone species because they feed on and destroy trees and plants clearing land for grass species. The african elephant is another important keystone species. It has two distinct seasons wet season and dry season with warm temperatures year round.

The ability of the elephants to knock over the several feet high acacia trees for feeding purposes makes the savannas a grassland. Plant and animal adaptation. Keystone species elephants maintain the entire savanna ecosystem because they are capable of knocking down trees and uprooting them allowing for grasses to thrive instead.

Most experts consider elephants to be one of the most important keystone species in the african savanna. Because of its status as the biggest animal on land the african elephant is a clear keystone species. This deed doesn t just help the elephants survive dry environments but is crucial to provide water to other animals in the savanna that are not able to dig so deep into the hard soil.

The african savanna is covered with grasses and small trees. Herbivores can also be keystone species. In droughts elephants use their strong tusks to dig for water.

3 keystone animal species. The african lion.

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