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Two Mammals Live In Water

They have membranous paws thanks to which they swim well and can be under water for five minutes or more. Capybara live in central and south america inhabiting the lakes rivers and wetlands of panama and south of brazil.

Southern Right Whale Dolphin Dolphin Images Dolphins Sea Mammal

This list covers only mammals that live in freshwater.

Two mammals live in water. A humpback whale megaptera novaeangliae a leopard seal hydrurga leptonyx marine mammals are aquatic mammals that rely on the ocean and other marine ecosystems for their existence. There are also a number of semiaquatic animals such as alligators hippopotamuses and penguins that depend on and live in water most of the time. Getty images heinrich van den berg.

These amazing animals can be found living in all of the worlds major oceans from the tropical environments in and around the equator to the northern and southern polar hemispheres in and around the arctic and antarctic oceans. There are a wide variety of freshwater habitats. In most cases these mammals live in watery terrain to which they are physically well adapted.

The cycle of evaporation of ocean water rain and snow provide these habitats a constant source of fresh water. A water buffalo and cattle egret in the lower zambezi. Animals that live in water usually called aquatic animals include fish cetaceans certain types of turtles and other reptiles and amphibians.

Some of the known mammals that live in oceans include whales seals manatees solar bears and sea otters. Marine mammals depend on the ocean and other marine ecosystems for their survival. Aquatic and semiaquatic mammals are well adapted to life in the water with physical characteristics such as flippers webbed feet paddlelike tails and streamlined bodies.

But they don t just take a free ride. Freshwater habitats include lakes rivers marshes wetlands and swamps. The other two mammals are whales and porpoises.

The animal species that live in these habitats vary dramatically from one area to another. For a list of saltwater mammals see marine mammal. They include animals such as seals whales manatees sea otters and polar bears.

Humpback whale underwater girl diving in tropical water. Whales dolphins porpoises manatee and dugong are completely aquatic. A marine mammal is a mammal that has adapted to aquatic life and rely s on the ocean to maintain a healthy livable existence.

No they are not the only mammal that lives in the water. Seals sea lions walrus hippopotamus platypus otters beavers and. Atop the ubiquitous water buffalo.

Although the majority of mammals are terrestrial animals some species are aquatic and semi aquatic. And in the savannah they have found the perfect place to hunt them. From their high perch they can see the bugs and swoop in to nab them.

Manatees amazonian manatee trichechus inunguis african manatee trichechus senegalensis dwarf manatee trichechus pygmaeus validity questionable. There are two other mammals that live in the ocean. Cattle egrets live on insects.

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