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Vegetation African Savanna Plants

One of the rare trees to thrive in the savanna the acacia is one of the most iconic sights in the grasslands. The vegetation on a savanna can tolerate conditions that are inimical to many other plant species.

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Among all this plant life there are a few particular species that stick out.

Vegetation african savanna plants. The savanna is covered by grasses such as rhodes grass red oats grass star grass lemon grass and some shrubs. Nearly half of africa consists of savanna stretching from the tropical forests to the deserts. However some woody plants respond to disturbance events through resprouting.

Rhodes grass and red oat grass dominate the savannas of the serengeti plains and the laikipia plateau in kenya. This compound is used extensively in pharmaceuticals food production and traditional medicine. There are various types of trees that will grow in particular areas of a savanna biome.

The african savanna has distinct wet and dry seasons with grasses only growing in the wet season. The lack of water makes the savanna a difficult place for tall plants such as trees to grow. For example the plants have adapted in the savanna by the plants having long tap roots that reach down the soil for deep water banks.

The plants in savanna have many types of adaptations to survive through the the biome. The savanna biome is often described as an area of grassland with dispersed trees or clusters of trees. As the name implies the gum arabic tree is responsible for the production of gum arabic.

The gum arabic tree s. Savanna grasses are often in thick clumps with bare ground and shrubs in between. Grasses and trees that grow in the savanna have adapted to life with little water and hot temperatures.

The savanna biomes are usually very hot so the plants that live there would have to have certain qualities about them so they are able to survive in a hot environment that has barely any rainfall each year. The plants that live in the savanna have adapted in many different ways to put up with these harsh environments. Unique plant adaptions plants in the savanna are made to adapt through long periods of drought.

They include pine trees palm trees and acacia trees. Senegal is one of the most important plants to the african country of sudan. Disturbance events such as herbivory and fire negatively affect woody plant communities.

Grasses on the savanna have narrow leaves to limit the amount of water lost in the hot and dry conditions. Varying rainfall amounts and soil conditions favor certain grass species over others according to the university of california. Woody plants are key components of african savanna ecosystems as they provide wildlife habitats offer browsing to ungulates and are also a major source of fuel wood.

On the east african savannas the dominant grass consists of star grasses. It is also the favored food source of giraffes. Notable african savanna plants acacia tree.

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